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I have Exchange (Small Business Server) set up so that it will use the pop3 connector to retrieve mail, from an ISP via a modem.  It worked fine when I had everything in SBS 4.5 but when I upgrade to SBS 2000 it no longer retrieves the mail.  I get the following string of messages:

The delivery service is logging as a POP3 client on port 110

POP3: An error occurred during a POP3 transaction to host <postino.interar.com.ar []>. For user <jcox@sandman.org.ar>. The error is 10065

POP3: Failed to check the POP3 account for jcox@sandman.org.ar at host postino.interar.com.ar on port 110. The error is 10065

The individual POP3 accounts have been checked for incoming messages

Flushing transaction complete  

MSDN is less than helpful!
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slink9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I use it with SBS4.5 very well also.  If you take a look at the article I posted it indicates how to set it up for 4.5 and lists others and states that they work with Exchange2k.
Gregory MillerGeneral ManagerCommented:
Have you tried simply deleting the connector and re-building under EX2K?

I am gathering that it doesn't work properly in Exch2k.  Here are some alternatives - http://www.slipstick.com/exs/popconnect.htm
tlw2651Author Commented:
POP3 Connector is provided with the Small Business Server version of Exchange...  it worked with v. 4.5 and I would like to continue using it until I get a permanent connection to the internet.
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