HP 8200 CD Writer

can anyone give an HP 8200 CD Writer driver for Windows 2000? thanks!  any help woiuld be appreciated!
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:


The table there says that this device (either the 8200i or 8200e) is supported.

I can verify that myself since I have an 8200i and it works perfectly with W2K.  The only problem I had was that Adaptec's EZ-CD V4 that came with the drive doesn't work with W2K so I bought an update to Roxio's (spin off from Adaptec) EZ-CD 5 and it works perfectly.

Whoever said:

"2k server myself and I am a HP reseller. They will not make one period"

needs to better understand his own product line...
Try www.hp.com
They list drivers for the 8200 series depending on which model, e, i, etc. T
There is not one I have one in a 2k server myself and I am a HP reseller. They will not make one period, no software will work sorry.
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dabestprogrammerindauniverseAuthor Commented:
that means my hp cd writer is now a junk! why won't they make one?
That's funny because HP lists the 8200i and 8200e with drivers for Windows2000...T
Umm interesting thing is that I have Adaptec's EZ-CD V4 running on Win 2000 and it works for me. If I remember correctly part the problem getting this verstion to work had to do with what version of Windows Media Player is on the system and if the Media player was installed or upgraded after the instatallation of Adaptec's EZ-CD V4. I don't recall exactly what the situation was that caused this problem though.

The Crazy One
>>that I have Adaptec's EZ-CD V4 running on Win 2000

There is more than one V4 (go figure...) and there is one that does work with W2K.  My version was the HP OEM version and it was not upgradeable free of charge.  The upgrade to the V4 that worked with W2K was as expensive as a new retail copy of Roxio (which had a rebate included) so I just bought a new copy.  V5 is a lot nicer than V4 anyway.....
Hi jhance
Yeah got to agree with you if one is going to have to shell out money to fix a problem one is usually bettered served to get the newest version. hehehe

If I used my writer more often I would definetly get ver 5. But I only burn a CD maybe once or twice a month now. :>)
>>But I only burn a CD maybe once or twice
a month now. :>)

Why so little?  I use mine daily (sometimes 2X daily) for routine backups.  With blank CD-Rs going for almost nothing these days, it's the cheapest backup device around....
>>>Why so little?  

Well, mainly because I do a full system backup about every 10 days to another HD and then I take the backup HD and stash in my car or a safe deposit box. It takes me about 45 mins to do this from start to finish. I use to backup to CD's but it just became to time consuming for me to it that way.

Since I am a software developer (Delphi) I put together a utility that I use daily that zips the stuff that I want to backup on a daily bases to a ZIP disk. I have been using the same ZIP disks for over two years now and what I backup on a daily bases when compressed is less then 70MB usually so I have found this to be more efficent and cost affective for me in long run. Plus, you know, old habits die hard. :>)
Okay, People can not obviously read, as I stated Win2k SERVER not Pro to work with the different ROXIO software. But if you are using Win2k SERVER OR GREATER!! it will not even with the V5 of the Roxio software, it causes a underwrite problem that is not fixable for some undisclosed reason.

Windows 2000 Server is not supported with any of the HP drives!! So once you put it on a server you lose your warranty.

Read the HP site (under the Windows 2000 IDE, USB, Parallel, PCMCIA and SCSI drivers that Jhance gave) and my post in its entirety before casting judgement.

Since you did not say which version of win2k you had I related from Server hassles.

But if you have PRO you can use V4 or greater of the Roxio software, apologize for not being entirely clear on post for the different OS, but I would think people would know the difference between PRO & Server by now.  Guess not
>>>People can not obviously read

Geesh no need to get uptight. :>)
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