How to change password on Cisco 3640

I have a 3640 running 12.0(7) and cannot for the life of figure out how tochange the passwords.

The router has the traditional passwords already set, ie login and enable passwords. I need to change them both.

Can anyone assist me?

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I'll assume you want to change the virtual terminal password and not the console (the password at the first telnet prompt)

router#config terminal
router#line vty 0 4
router#password yournewpassword

for the enable password

router#config terminal
router#enable password yournewpassword


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rhuggaAuthor Commented:

Thanks, the first part worked, however, the second part is not working.

I enter the commands and use CTRL-Z to exit, then write mem and disconnect. When I reconnect it is still using the old enable password.


Have you changed the enable secret password?

router#conf t
router(config)enable secret yourpassword
router#wr mem

good luck

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One other option would be to disable the enable secret:
router#conf t
router(config)#no enable secret
router#wr mem
rhuggaAuthor Commented:

I need the enable secret password. VERY dangerous to run a router w/o the enable password enabled.

There has to be a way. My router knowledge has slipped into the past, it has been several years since I was knee deep in Cisco stuff.

There are two levels of Executive Mode (enable mode) security; password and secret.  The difference is that the enable secret is encrptypted.  If you do a 'Show Run' you'll the enable password in clear text and an encryption of the secret.

The enable password is disabled if the enable secret is activated.

Someone may have activated enable sercrets on your router which is why changing the enable password doesn't change your logon password.

Chuck's suggestion was to disable the enable secret thereby activating the enable password.

With the enable secret turned off you still have to know the enable password to logon to executive mode on the router.

Chuck also gave you the commands to change the enable secret if you choose to do so.

Good Luck


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