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I want to publish some pages to a web site that is already up and running. I got the login & password and I am doing it thru ftp://

When I put everything in - frontpage comes back with an error saying that it can't find the web site. Why is it doing that??
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ClassyLinksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I stand corrected.  It was my understanding that Publish would not work at all without extensions.

Here are the instructions for a non-extended server from the microsoft site:

Publish Your FrontPage Web to an Unextended Web Server by Using FTP
On the File menu, click Publish Web.

In the Specify the location to publish your web to box, type the location of an FTP Web server, or click the arrow to select a location to which you have published before. Example: 

Click Options to expand the list of options.

Specify whether you want to publish only pages that have changed, or all pages.

Click Publish.

Because you are publishing to a Web server that does not run the FrontPage Server Extensions, you will be notified if your web contains any features that require the server extensions. If you cancel publishing in the middle of the operation, files that have already been published remain on the destination Web server.


When you specify your address, are you putting in the ftp twice as outlined above?  Was there an error number associated with the "cannot find web"?

This is the micorsoft page relating to all things Publish about FP2000....have you seen it?
FP doesn't use FTP to "Publish" pages.  For that feature to work you need to have FP server extensions installed on your server and use http.

You can download WSFTP for free from if you need to FTP files.
tyy8Author Commented:
You need FP Server extentions on the server to publish using http, if the server does not have them (like a Unix box), then you have to use ftp. So I disagree with your statement that FP doesn't use ftp.
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tyy8Author Commented:
I have looked at the FTP infp previously but trying to do it that way gives me the error.
The same error, cannot find the web site?  hmmmm......

Have you attempted to connect with a FTP program?  Does that work?
tyy8....can you find the site with an FTP program?
ClassyLinksCommented: still there?
tyy8????   are you there?

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