Removing files from Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 workspace

In the "External Dependencies" folder in the "FileView" how do I remove one of the files?

I think I need to use the "External Dependencies" dialogue box but I can't find this anywhere.

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The external Dependencies list is automatically generated by vc++ , this means that one of your source files or header fiels stil include that file, check for that by searching in your files for the name of the header file.
Why remove it?
DevonportA1Author Commented:
Because I accidentally included a header file which belongs to another project and this header file has

#if !defined( __AFXCTL_H__ )
     #error include 'afxctl.h' before including this   file

which prevents me from building the project I am interested in.
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go to the file panel and under the Headers leaf you'll find the file you've included accidentally. Select the file and press "DEL".
 That will remove the file from your project and from external dependencies.
So why do you still include this header file? If it belongs to another project...
DevonportA1Author Commented:
I was able to delete the unwanted header file from inside the "Header Files" folder but it still appears in the "External Dependencies" folder.
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