modem for red hat 7.0

Dear friends,

    I have a eTower400i2 machine (Intel? Celeron? 400MHz (w/128KB L2 Cache) PPGA CPU and 32MB RAM, 4.3G HDD with Win98 preinstalled.
    I just installed RedHat 7.0 recently in my PC and want to buy a external modem that can be supported by both win98 and redhat7.0.
    Can anyone give me a suggestion on where i can find the right modem? Or if you are using modem which has the same function, please tell me your modem name and manufaturer.

Thank you.

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Any external modem that connects to the serial port should be fine.

I've found the Diamond Supra Express Pro 56e to be very reliable (I have 2 :D )
dorward is right. Any external that connects to the serial will work. If you try an internal one, stay away from thase that call themselves 'Winmodems' or software modem
Aside from requiring extra drivers software modems shunt work away from the modem and on to the CPU resulting in a loss of processing power while online (on a slow computer this can be noticable)
huerAuthor Commented:
hello, dorward,

   Actually, my pc has a internal modem
   56K ITU V.90 PCI FAX/Modem(shipped with my eTower400i2 machine).
   How can i know if it is supported by RedHat 7.0?
   I tried once and got message like: linux cannot detect any modem.
   Is this because the modem is winmodem or i need download the rigth driver for the modem working in linux?
   BTW, how can i know if my modem is winmodem?

Thank you
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