binding an oracle instance to a cpu

Is there a way to bind an oracle instance to a cpu in a multi processor w2k intel environment. The Oracle version is Thx.
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BTW, you need to set this variable in your registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Oracle\Homex where x is the corresponding Oracle_Home for your binaries.


You can use a DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER package provided by oracle 8i. You can get instruction for how to use this from oracle document or technet.


Hi there,

I think you are looking for information on processor affinity.  You can set this in Oracle for NT (2000) by setting a registry variable ORACLE_AFFINITY.

Here is an article which gives you detailed information on how to set this.

ORACLE_AFFINITY - How to Restrict Oracle on a Multi-CPU NT Machine:

In V8, you can set the ORACLE_AFFINITY registry value to tell Oracle which threads to run on which processors.  The format for ORACLE_AFFINITY is:


where 'name' is one of:

  o MASK -- Sets the processor mask for the entire process/instance.  
     This is the set of processors that any of the threads are allowed to run.  The default, if not set, is all CPUs in the system.

  o DBWR, LGWR, SMON, PMON, etc... -- Sets processor mask for the particular named thread.  Any named thread that shows up in v$bgprocess can be set in this way.

  o USER -- Sets the processor mask for ALL shadow threads.

  o DEF -- Sets the processor mask for any threads not listed explicitly.  
     The default is for all CPUs on the system.

and 'cpumask' can have the following values:

  1 = binary 0001 - pinned to CPU #1
  2 = binary 0010 - pinned to CPU #2
  3 = binary 0011 - can use CPU 1 or CPU 2
  4 = binary 0100 - pinned to CPU #3
  15 = binary 1111 - can use CPU 1, 2, 3, or 4
  2^n - 1 ... where n == number of CPUs in the system

and 'DEF' and 'USER' can have the following values:

  o ROBIN -- For USER or DEF name, this uses a round-robin mechanism where the next thread gets pinned to the next CPU in the round-robin sequence.  
    If there are four CPUs in the system, the first USER or DEF case goes to CPU #1, the next to CPU #2, etc..., and then back around to CPU #1 for thread #5.

  o FLOAT -- For USER or DEF name, this is the same as round-robin except there is a floating group of threads that can run on any CPU specified in MASK.

    If you had four CPUs, then one-fifth of the USER and DEF threads would run on CPU #1, one-fifth on CPU #2, one-fifth on CPU #3, one-fifth on CPU #4, and then one-fifth on any of the CPUs.  (These are the FLOATing threads.)

Note:  Any of the values used for cpumask for the threads are bounded by the value used for MASK.  If MASK is set to use only CPU #1, then all other settings are ignored, and all threads are bound to CPU #1.  

       Therefore, MASK is the allowable CPUs that any of the threads can run on.

A typical ORACLE_AFFINITY setting might look like:


This would mean that DBWR is always on CPU #1, LGWR is always on CPU #2, all shadow threads could run on either CPU #3 and CPU #4 (since 12 = binary 1100), and then all other backgrounds would be split evenly among all the CPUs in the system.

If you want to run Oracle on two processors, you could set:


  since 3 == 0x0011 for processors one and two.

The only caveat is that there is only one registry parameter and all instances use the same value.

Hope this helps...
- Ramesh
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