$File attributes displayed in a Form

I need to display the FILE MODIFIED and FILE CREATED dates of a documents attachment(s)in a Form Field.

How is this done.

Thanks in advance.

By the Way, if you can't tell by my last couple questions I don't have much experience when it comes to Notes development.  If anyone reading this works for a Lotus Business Partner that can charge for this sort of service/support I am will to pay (assuming the price is resonsible).  I have a project I need to get done by the end of the week.  If so please provide some sort of contact information such the name or number of the company you work for.
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I have traced the $FILE item properties in LotusScript and found no way to read the infos available in Document/Item property dialog, like here:
Field Name: $FILE
Data Type: Attached Object
Data Length: 62 bytes
Seq Num: 1
Dup Item ID: 0
Object Type: File
Object ID: 000003E6
Object Length: 736
File Name: binary.gif
Compression Type: HUFFMAN 1
Encoding Type:
File Attributes: RW PUBLIC
File Size: 905
File Created: 15.02.2000 02:12:00
File Modified: 20.08.96 19:29:00

The fact that Notes itself can display this dates allows the assumption that  there has to be a way reading this infos trough Notes dll functions. Or even worser with own CAPI functions. But this all is surely not managable until the end of the week ;-)

Sorry, but perhaps someone else has a ready to use solotion for you.

jason_turnerAuthor Commented:

Thanks for all the help on this and the other question I had. I tried the code on the URL you recommended but it errored out when I ran the agent, not to mention the Document Library in question has 1000's of message each with an attachment ranging in size from 1-100MB, and 1.5GB in total.  I suspect the effort of writing each an every attachment to disk and back would take some time to say the least, that is if Notes didn't crash first.

It odd but despite the fact I work for IBM/Lotus I get better support from Expert Exchange than I do internally.
My pleasure.  Yeah, generally that's why Experts Exchange is such a success.  Everyone is eager to help because of the rewards of points and t-shirts!
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