Spontaneous underlining on HP LJ5

Once in a while when printing a document on an HP LJ 5N (MS Word 97 SR-2, Win98 SE, PIII 550MHz, 128MB RAM), some of the text comes out underined whereas in the document on screen, as it was typed, it is not underlined, but either in italics or bold. Occassionally, the entire document prints underlined. The documents are usually typed in 11- or 12-point Arial font.

I have replaced the printer driver with both Microsoft's and HP's latest drivers for that printer, but the problem intermittently persists. I have deleted all fonts and reinstalled fresh ones. No help there. Network drivers are up to date, too.

Any suggestions?
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lacheur42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This will probably work:
  Rasterize the text before it's sent to the printer.  Depending on which driver you're using it will be in different places in the driver properties:

MS driver: on the Fonts tab, I think, check "print truetype as graphics"

HP Standard: on the Print Quality tab, check "TrueType as Bitmap" under text mode.

HP Enhanced: Print Quality tab, check "Manual Settings", hit Settings, check TrueType as Bitmap.

Does it happen only on long documents?  How much memory is in the printer?  Are there problems with any other apps?  I would suggest looking at the printer memory as possibly being bad.
weigensAuthor Commented:
There are 8MB of RAM in the printer. Documents range from 1 to 10 pages, nothing seriously long. We mostly use MS Word, and the problems show only in that app.
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Reverse the order of the added ram chips and see if the problem goes away.  I am wondering if it might be one of the ram chips that is going bad.  Do you have a memory tester?  Can you swap out this memory for other sticks?
As a test, try setting up the printer using a HP4+ driver. Let us know what happens.
weigensAuthor Commented:
I replaced the driver with the HP LJ4+ driver. The problem persists. I have swapped around the RAM in the printer. The problem persists.

With no solution, I am begining to believe that we made a mistake going to the 5N, that it is simply an unreliable printer, and we should have moved to a 4050, or another make altogether.

Still looking for a fix.....
Try a cold reset on the printer. You do this by holding down the online or GO button while you power on. The display panel should read "Cold Reset". You should record all printer settings first though. Also, if you leave the jetdirect card installed, the cold reset will clear the configuration on it as well.
Your assumption that you made a poor choice of printers is not valid. The HP5 has been a very reliable printer, and once you resolve this problem it should continue to be a reliable printer.
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weigensAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Your solution did the trick, on every computer in the shop that uses an HPLJ5. Too bad this printer needs such babysitting.
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