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I have written a screen saver app. The only thing left is to get Windows to display the correct description in its dropdown list. When I go to Display Properties, Screen Saver, my screen saver is always displayed as its file name (excluding .scr).

For example, if my screen saver's file name is "HelloBob.scr" then it appears in Windows' list of screen savers as "HelloBob".

How can I give my screen saver a description that is different from its file name?  (Example: The "Beziers" screen saver's file name is actually "ssbeziers.scr".)

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TOndrejConnect With a Mentor Commented: says that the above is only for WinNT. According to the article, on Win9x you should use a long file name
I was told to use:

{$D SCRNSAVE My Screen Saver Description}

But it doesnt seem to work on Win2k.  So either the person who told me that was wrong, or it only works on Win9x systems I guess.
TOndrejCommented:,1410,26652,00.html says that it's enough to create a string resource with ID 1
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Mohammed NasmanSoftware DeveloperCommented:
maybe this link help

Coding Windows Screen Savers with Delphi.
JimBob091197Author Commented:
Thanks everybody for your feedback.

To Mannsoft:

I have tried using {$D SCRNSAVE My Description} but it doesn't seem to work. Based on VC++ samples I found, I have also tried the following:

{$D SCRNSAVE 'My Descrip'}
{$D 'SCRNSAVE : My Descrip'}

None of these seem to work.

To TOndrej:

Thanks for the links. I am working on Win 2000, but have 98 at home, so I will test it later on 98. It appears that Win 95 (98?) & NT (2000?) work differently, which is a pity. I have considered using the file name as the description, but I would like a space in the file name and Delphi doesn't allow a space in your DPR name, which means that I have to keep renaming the screen saver every time I do a build.

I have tested it on Win 2000 and it does indeed work if you create a string resource 1 with a string of less than 25 chars. Also it only works if your screen saver file has 8 or less chars, and it must be lower case! Strange...

To Mnasman:

I had a brief look at the link you gave, but couldn't find anything about screen saver descriptions.

JimBob091197Author Commented:
Glad to help, thanks for the points
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