How to migrate from outlook to Notes

can anyone help how to migrate from outlook to notes.

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mdavisjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, Notes is made to migrate from exchange server.
Whatever machine will be doing the migration must be able to connect to both exchange and Notes, of course.
But, if you want to know exactly how to do it launch your server administration, go to help, and search for:

migrating users and mail

That explains the whole process.
Also, check out and the lotus homepage...they always have lots of information and white papers.
Please check out  They have some migration tools (formerly called Outlook2notes) that could help you.
skancherlaAuthor Commented:
My company doesnt want to buy any migration tools..

So, please help me... and I wanted to know,Does the "migrating from outlook to notes" facility comes with R5 installation package or not?


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skancherlaAuthor Commented:
We have Domino5 server/client software. actually I wanted to know Does the Migration tool comes along the dominoR5? or Do we need to buy the migration tool separately?
All the migration tools are included with R5.

Like I said, launch your server administration tool, go to help and search for "migrating users and mail"
That will explain to you in detail how to switch outlook over to Domino using tools that are already installed.
Oh, also, when you install the 5.0.8 client and choose all clients, then choose custom, you can install the migration tools to go from exchange to notes.
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