How to put the web pages in to the internet.

I have create a web pages on my computer.

1.) How can I put them into the internet?

2.)when upload the stuff into the internet, do I have to do all the linking again?

Thank you
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If youve done the linking right to begin with you wont have to relink once theyre uploaded. (BTW the pages go in your home directory that your ISP has provided you them for the information you need). The links should be from your  site root level down. Not from your HD root level. So your links should look like "Webdir/your_images/image.gif" and not like "Your HD/Documents/Webpages/Webdir/your_images/image.gif"
If you have allocated web space (often provided free from your ISP) then usually you will have a place where you can FTP your pages to.  This is the information you want to get from your ISP (or other web space provider).  You will require a location and a password.  The location is usually something like

Once you have these details you will require FTP software to upload your pages with.  Windows comes with an FTP program.  But it is DOS based and extremely difficult to use unless you know exactly what you are doing.  There are many drag and drop types FTP programs.  And some of them are even free.  CuteFTP is a popular FTP program.  It does cost though.  I use SmartFTP and it works as well as CuteFTP and is free.  You can download it from
Get an account with a Service Provider.. if you don't have space with your ISP use one of the numerous free ones like Geocities or Xoom.  They will have all the info on how to upload your files (via ftp or a web based file manager)

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If the user is looking for a no cost solution for a personal web page, angelfire allows something like 20mb free space. It even allows server side includes which makes it easy to reuse code.

If you are a ASP programmer, then 1ASPHost is a provider that allows you to put up ASP pages.  CFM-Resources does this as well for Cold Fusion, but they now have a one time setup fee.

To upload the pages to these sites, a FTP program is the easiest way. WS-FTP is the easiest one that I have found.
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