Cajun P 112 T


I am trying to do a config of a Lucent Cajun P 112 T.
I have connected the com1 port of a Windows PC to the console port of the switch.
When I start hyperterminal I can see the switch boot until it prompts to enter a CR.
When I try the enter key, nothing happens.  It appears that there is no data going towards the switch.
All help is welcome.

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webroachConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Funny just the other day I needed the pin-outs so here goes, and yes they do work, so get soldering and crimping:
 The cable should be a null-modem RJ-45 to DB9 this is the standard.

 RJ45 (Device console Port)      DB-9 Female (PC/Terminal)
Not Connected (1)                       (1) Not Connected
Recieve Data  (2)-----------------------(3) Transmit Data
Transmit Data (3)------------------------(2) Recieve Data
Carrier Detect (4)---------------------(6) Data Set Ready
Ground        (5)--------------------------(5) Ground
Data Terminal Ready(6)------------(4) Data Terminal Ready
Request To Send(7)--------------------(8) Clear To Send
Clear To Send (8)--------------------(7) Request to Send
                                     (9) Not Connected

I thought that the Cisco DB-9 adapater would do the job, but Cisco puts a loop between CTS & RTS inside the hardware - so those pins are not used. Com port settings must be 9600 bps/8N1 and no flow control (none).

This works also on other kit : Lucent P330's NMA-RS NMA-RE
SHT-MA and SHE-MA. These might ring a bell to you if you have had experience with them.
What are your COM port settings?
smargotAuthor Commented:
bits per second : 9600
databits : 8
parity : none
stop bits : 1
flow control : hardware

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Doesn't that model require the Network Management Agent module be installed in the switch?  Do you have an NMA?
smargotAuthor Commented:
NMA is running
What is the version of the NMA?  Does it match the version on the switch?
Are you using the console cable that was supplied in the box with the P110-NMA?
smargotAuthor Commented:
no, I'm using a CISCO cable.
smargotAuthor Commented:
no, I'm using a CISCO cable.
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