IBM xSeries 200 Server w/WinNT Server

Posted on 2001-08-24
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
I recently just purchased a xSeries 200 server from IBM. It took me through the final steps of the installation, but one thing it didn't ask for if I wanted it to be a PDC or BDC and it didn't ask for a Domain name. This is the only Win NT server on the network.

So my question, How do I choose the name of my domain? Do I need to choose or change if it's PDC or BPC (I would assume that it automatically becomes a PDC)? I may have a few other questions, but thats the main ones for now.
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What are you using the server for?  Will users be authenticating with it?  There is another option, i.e it can be a member server.  Also it is not possible to have any BDC unless there is a PDC already up and running.


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It will be for file storage and central place for access database to run.
Yes I will be setting up users to authenticate.
I don't understand what you mean as a member server?
After setting up WinNT Server, can you not change or add the Domain Name?


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I am assuming that you are installing NT4.0 Server NOT Windows 2000.  Correct?

If so then you are asked for the domain name while installing.  Yes you need to choose a PDC for your setup (based on the info you have given me).  During the install you are prompted for a domain name and an Administrator password.

I would recommend using your company's internet domain name (without the .com or .net, etc..) for the domain name.


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Well, when I started the server for the first time, it started Win NT 4.0 install and it never asked for a Domain name or if it was a PDC or BDC, It only asked for the Administrator password. Do I need to reinstall?

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so you must have installed it as a member server.

Are you installing NT40 or Windows 2000?


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Please do me a favor and read all the comments I have posted so far. I will try and paraphrase it in short.

I purchased IBM xSeries 200 server, NT 4.0 Server, came preinstalled (I may forgotten the preinstalled part). When I booted the up the machine for the first time, all I had to do is finish the few installation questions.
It did NOT ask me what type of server it was going to be.
It did NOT ask me what I wanted the domain name to be.
It did however ask for an administrator password.
It did what I wanted the machine to be named.

I'm sorry if I seem short, I have had a bad week and I'm not trying to sound short, Ok.


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Quite some experience with the X-series 200 here, I've set up 4 of those in the past few weeks (NT & 2K).

1. You need to reinstall, since you can not promote the server to PDC. IBM standard load probably assumes the server will be used as 'member' server. A member server is simply a server that is no PDC or BDC.

Some notes on installing the server :
a) choose all the parameters before you start installing. Installing a domain requires proper planning !!!
b) use the BLACK CD that came with the server, it is a bootable CD that enables you to install your OS. It contains all the necessary drivers.
c) DO NOT try to setup with NT bootdisks or booting directly from the NT CD, it will not work because the RAID adaptor is not recognized.
d)if you need more info, you can mail me on



P.S. : Everybody has a bad week once in a while, no offence :)

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Yes, I agree with the above posting.  You can't turn a member server into a PDC.  It simply can't be done.  Fdisk that baby and re-install from the CDR.


Author Comment

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First, Thank you for your infomation. I have a couple of questions.
1. On the xSeries 200 I'm not running a RAID controller so that shouldn't matter right?

2. I reinstalled WinNT 4.0 off of the Win NT 4.0 cd and not the black one. I did this before I read your posting on EE. Well Everything was going great, I was able to tell it if it was a PDC and enter in a Domain name. But I didn't format the drive, but I did change the directory name that it was installed on. From winnt40 to winnt. Upon doing it's final copying of files. I got the blue screen of death right after it asked me if I wanted to overwrite with the older files. I said not to all and BOOM. Blue Screen... Was it because I didn't reformat and it was installing files to the same Program Files dir?

Thanks for your help.

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Who knows?  I'd suggest fdisking and the re-install  probably with the CD that came with IBM because it may have some machine specific drivers on it.


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forenzixbe has helped me a great deal.

from email -
since you are installing a PDC, which is one of the
most important servers on your network, I would
to completely erase the harddrive.  Create a partition
of 4Gb for your system, you can choose to make
multiple partitions out of the leftover or leave it as
one. The system partition should not be messed with
afterwards, install other soft on the other
partition(s) if necessary.  
The BSOD could've appeared for different reasons, no
pinpointing the problem there.
If it doesn't install on a clean drive either, try
with the black CD. Installing through the black CD is
a breeze ! It just creates an 'unattended file' which
basically means that you provide all the info
necessary and NT will install without user

Other basic rules :
- apply the latest service pack
- apply the latest service pack again after every
system change.
- make regular backups
- create a repair disk (rdisk /s from the command
- monitor your system !

let me know if I can be of any more help !

Author Comment

ID: 6429773
He has helped me with all my questions.

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