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Laptop CD error

A friend of mine has a laptop which has developed a problem at boot-up.  It displays the following message on checking the CD drive:

Error 0232\Extended run failed at offset\18

Can anyone tell me what this might mean?
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Does it happen with any CD loaded in the drive or is it generated only by one CD being loaded?  Does it happen if there is no CD in the drive?
>>Error 0232\Extended run failed at offset\18

Are you sure that this is the message???

Could it be, perhaps:

Error 0232\Extended RAM failed at offset\18


If so, this is an indication of a RAM problem being reported by the BIOS of the laptop.  Seek service.
By the way, is this a PANASONIC laptop?  I found the following reference to this error:

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Actually, it looks like this is a generic PHEONIX BIOS error message.  

Regardless, the error is not about the CDROM but is bad RAM...
aidyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, but when I visited my friend he had already dropped the machine into the vendor for them to fix it!

I guess I'll need to delete this message?
Actually, your problem was diagnosed and identified within 20 minutes of your posting this question.  

Is it the experts fault that you chose not to read the comments until now and decided to take action yourself?
Sorry, aidy .... this is not right.  You asked for help, got it quickly, please award.  What more can I say?  

It's like buying a used car on trial, don't like it, ask for diagnostic help --- get it--- choose not to award, and trade it in.


Please check the Help Desk link on the left about this site and the Guidelines.  Post comments here, and I'll return.

Listening further.

Community Support Moderator @ Experts Exchange
aidyAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks for your help :)

The reason I asked was that I was unable to verify whether the error message did indeed read "extended RAM failed" or "extended RUN failed", but you were probably right.

Thanks again! :)

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