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Posted on 2001-08-24
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
I just setup a Sun250E on our network and was trying to verify some of my nfs mounts. When I type showmount I receive hostname: RPC: service not registered. What exactly does this mean and how do I correct the problem, this is my first sun box to setup, normally I am on IRIX, so be specific on what areas I need to take a look at to correct. The software is loaded and under the /etc/rc3.d SUNWpcnfs is present. WHen I do a ps -ef | grep for nfs or pcnfs everything looks good. I have the statd and lockd file, however no mountd. The server is setup for dns and I have looked at those associated files, hence the question to the experts.
Question by:davidmoe
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Expert Comment

ID: 6424275
'RPC: service not registered' typically means that the indicated host isn't exporting any NFS file systems. Are you trying to export from the 250? if so do you see the exports when you do "shareall'? Solaris defines the exported file systems via /etc/dfs/dfstab. If that file contains one or more "share" commands NFS will start at boot (you can start it manually via the NFS server script in /etc/init.d).

Author Comment

ID: 6426366
I'm not trying to export a local file from the 250E, I'm trying to mount my home directory from another unix machine onto the 250e, from working with other sun boxes, I have only been required to have an entry in fstab stating what type of file system to mount, hence an entry into  the vfstab. Someone told me that I may have a mismatched version of nfs (2 to 3), where would I enter that? In answer to your question though I am not exporting from the 250.
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Expert Comment

ID: 6426438
Okay, that sounds like a different problem. Have you verified that networking is correctly set up and that the 250 can 'reach' the NFS server? And what version of Solaris are you using?

A Sun is pretty good about negotiating NFS 2/3 mounts. By the way the question is phrased I'd guess that the NFS server is an IRIX box. What version of IRIX are you using and what does the export look like on the IRIX box?
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Author Comment

ID: 6426549
Fisrt question, is the it setup correctly for the network.I'm looking at that right now, one thing is for certain it is not pointing to the correct default -gateway.
Secondly-2.6. One thing I've read from is that it won't negoitiate through V2/3 if the nfs mount was placed in the vfstab. Third, Yes the file being exported is coming off an Irix box (6.5.11)---/home/usr/prc/dmohan
-root=cisnet7:cisnet9 etc. etc...  I am trying to verify that everything is working (rpc,nfs etc..) by mounting my home directory onto this server by means of an nfs mount, before I turn it over to the whining Oracle guy. My main server which is Irix is running dns and pumping out nis( I know,) not my choice. states this is'nt a problem either. One of my biggest problems right now is trying to find where I can verify files for network configuration, like setting the default gateway, I know where Irix puts it. Anyway, any help would be fine, if you have anymore questions, let'em rip.
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Expert Comment

ID: 6427014
Okay, a Solaris box will honor RIP, IGRP, & EIGRP (at least) routing updates and will set the default gateway accordingly if that information is available. The default gateway can be manually set by placing the IP of the gateway in /etc/defaultrouter. If that file exists and contains an IP the default route will be set at boot time. Of course you can manually set it while the system is up with 'route add default'.

Solaris should negotiate the highest NFS version supported by both systems, according to 'man mount_nfs', regardless of whether the mount is done via a command line mount, vfstab, or automount. But, if it can't negotiate with the Irix box for some reason you can include 'vers=2' or 'vers=3' as a mount option. To use NFS version 2 on a command line mount you could do:

# mount -o vers=2 server:/fs /mnt-point

and in vfstab

server:/fs  -  /mnt-point  nfs  -  yes  vers=2

Author Comment

ID: 6427234
Cleaning up, The instructions you gave me has gotten everything running. The default gateway is set in the etc, however when I reboot even though it initially states the default gateway IP, a couple of lines further it has has an entry of (default interface for multicast: :
hostname ) how do I turn that off or is it a problem?

Second, the nfs mounts are now working, however when I type showmount I receive back 'showmount:hostname:RPC: Program not registered' still. I would'nt have a problem with that but showmount is a powerful tool and I need the correct output.  
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Accepted Solution

jlevie earned 300 total points
ID: 6427392
The multicast route is normal and should be be there. Don't worry about it.

Dunno, at the moment, about the showmount problem. I'll have to wait until tomorrow when I'm at work. In the meantime, check "man showmount" for possible options.
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Expert Comment

ID: 6427994
> 'RPC: service not registered'
means that the server where you requested the mount has not started the portmapper, or the portmapper does not know about NFS (check /etc/inetd.conf, or with  rpcinfo -p  or with  rpcinfo -p servername).

Author Comment

ID: 6433378
Picked a sun engineer's brain. Thanks for the assist.

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