Printer Orientation (Using Codes)


I need to know how can I change the default system printer's orientation from VB, I want to print a Datareport with a landscape paper setting...

so I need to change the printer orientation to landscape, apply the settings, print the data report then restore it back to whatever it was...
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raybeam.. I really would like to help but you have FIVE Open questions dating back to NOVEMBER of last year.. with what appears to be litle or NO interest on your part to finish.. <sigh>. PLEASE maintain your other Questions with a comment as to your current status BEFORE proceeding here.. and lets hope that it does NOT take over nine months for YOU to bring this Question to fruition.. <smile>.
raybeamAuthor Commented:
5 open questions ?

I lost track of those outside VB, well if I got what I asked for they wouldn't be open still, don't you think ?
raybeam writes: "I lost track of those outside VB"

Gawd.. all those Experts that tried to help YOU are going to be tickled pink to hear that, huh? Good thing YOU aren't going to forget this question, huh?.. Uh, right?.. Right?

raybeam writes: "well if I got what I asked for they wouldn't be open still"

Oh I see.. it is the Experts fault!!! Did you ever think it might be YOUR Question.. that perhaps it might need further clarification.. to get the Question back on track again? Nah.. Experts are mind readers right.. and should spend all their time guessing what YOU want. Oh.. and gawd forbid YOU should ever read an MSDN article and chip into the Question with what you have found. YOU chip in?.. I am nutz.. <sheesh>.

raybeam writes: "don't you think ?"

It is NOT important what I think.. it is YOUR responsibility to keep YOUR Questions on track and up to date. If the Expert response is lacking.. leave a comment clarifying your question.. or drop a zero point Question in the main forum to draw more Expert attention to it. If the cause is hopeless, leave a comment saying why and then delete the question. Now really is that, that hard?

Experts contribute their knowledge, experience and insight to you.. for your benefit.. FREE of charge to YOU. Don't YOU feel YOU owe anything in return?.. You know, like keeping YOUR Questions up to date, on track and moving towards an EXCELLENT resolution via your feedback?

Give it a try.. I think YOU will be amazed.. that the big winner in doing this.. will be YOU!!!
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Nice one wsh2

It really serves as a morale booster to know that I have helped someone - but I really get pissed off when I find that the person who has asked the question is not interested.

Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantCommented:
I dont know. Now it appears, you do have only one open question, apart from this, in C++ or something.

Ok, for your problem, you will need to install Service Pack 4 or Service Pack 5 to set the landscape orientation for your Datareport. The fix is done in SP4. You wont need to change the default printer's orientation, when you do this.

Q257779: When printing a DataReport with the Orientation set to Landscape, the Print dialog box always defaulted to Portrait.

Hope it helps.

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raybeamAuthor Commented:
Thanx for the article Valli, unfortunatly I don't use the PrintReport method...
I just need to set the default printer's orientation to LandScape then to Portrait after 'DISPLAYING' the data report and vice versa, so when you use the SHOW method the Datareport will automatically adjust to the printer's orientation and won't display "Report Width Larger Than Paper Width."

so my question here lies with changing the default printer's oritentation, the object PRINTER isn't much of a help cause it seems that it's only used with PrintForm and such internal printing commands.

And WSH2 u'r right and thanx for the act of comedy, it sure put a smile on my face...long live WSH2 defender of the experts :P, I couldn't agree with you more, but I guess I got so wrapped up in my work and honestly I lost my old e-mail account on which these updates were sent so I went thru all them again and tried to GIVE my share of FAIRNESS

Regards to all,


Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantCommented:
ok, try this:

I also, have a class module doing the same, but it temporarily sets the default printer, and then resets back the prev. one. I could not get the link for you, for now.

raybeamAuthor Commented:
Thanx the Orientation Method worked
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