Need the MsAgents Commands

I have been looking evrywhere including Microsoft, I want the Documentation for the MsAgents Commands

Such as Speak, Whisper, talk fast and slow
if any one knows them or can help me with them i would like that very much

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RickHalleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you downloaded the I posted above you may want to download it again. I made a couple changes to make it work in both D5 and D6.

Rick Halle
This links to a downloadable doc:

The remainder are various links with additional docs:

A lot of these are VB Samples but are usually converted to Delphi fairly easy.

The toughest I have run into is command/requestcomplete. Used to get the agent to do things on cue. Such as telling you that he will launch calculator and then actually doing it. (On Cue) Then moving over to it and explaining how to use it. I will post a working sample of some of this a little later. (Have to get Delphi installed first - Yearly Cleaning - New OS)

Rick Halle

Goto and search for MS Agent. There you can find some articles and examples. In the book Delphi Com Programming are also some MS Agent Examples. You can download the source code of the book at The MS Agent examples are in chapter 5.

Good luck,

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I have added a sample to my delphi sample site. If you have any specific commands let me know. Look for at the link below:

Rick Halle
neopolisAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rick this should be good for me
BTW the mail is on the way... Smiles
Glad to help.

Rick Halle
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