MS WIN 2000/MS Office ?

My daughter attends a college that has upgraded to MS WIN 2000 and MS Office 2000 Prof. She uses one of my computers for homework with WIN 98 and Office 98 Small Business. She could of course use one of the college's machines but due to several circumstances needs to do hoework at home.

DELL tells me Office 2000 no longer available but Office XP Prof can handle files developed by the College using Office 2000 Prof.

I would like to know if the immediately foregoing is true. I suppose it means "backwards compatibility."

I would like to know why she couldn't use an older OS, ME or 98 for example, with Office XP Prof with the same results.

I want to use DELL as I want the mfg to be in business awhile. So far I have purchased two computers and the mfgs are "out of business."
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GUEENConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would have to accept an answer from one of the experts here and reduce points to 125 for this post.  Then post a new 125 point question in the windows 2000 area stating
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then provide the link to here:

I am just wondering if all of your questions have been answered?

I would suggest checking out
You can get what you want built with the software that you would prefer (with top quality hardware as well.)
Here are some answers to your questions above involving xp:
Will I have any problems sharing Office XP files with people running previous versions of Office?
Documents created with Office XP can be used with Office 2000 and Office 97 (with the exception of Microsoft Access).
And according to Microsoft Office XP can be installed on Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows Millennium Edition; Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 or greater; Microsoft Windows 2000. The recommended operating system is Windows 2000 Professional.

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I believe you can still get Office 2K from Dell in the "Small Business" area.  If not, you could just order a new machine with the useless MS Works option and buy a copy of Office 2K from another source.  There are many places where legal factory new copies of Office 2K are still available (including EBay) and that might be a solution to your problem.
wmyronAuthor Commented:
I use Visual FoxPro so don't know anything about Access. You commented "except Access" but does that apply to just 97 or to Office 2000 as well? Important because she needs Access.  
It's not true.  Access XP can read and convert Office 2000 and Office 97 databases.  I don't know why this comment was made.  Perhaps the context was wrong...
Jhance -
I was providing a MS link and quote above (just in case you are wondering) - and provide the information here as to how to do it.
wmyronAuthor Commented:
I accept answers from both responders--jnance and shekerra. Please split points between you two. Let me know if I have to do something else. Thanks.
As stated here:

When to convert an Access 2000 file to Access 2002 file format

Once you've converted an Access file to Access 2002 file format, you can't open the file in Access 2000. However, you can convert an Access 2002 file back to Access 2000.

Convert to Access 2002 file format only if all users have upgraded to Access 2002, and you have been successfully using the file in Access 2000 file format. If all users have upgraded to Access 2002, you can develop an application in the Access 2002 file format without having to make sure that any object, method, property or function you use is also available in Access 2000.

When to open a previous-version Access database in Access 2002 without converting it

You may want to enable a Microsoft Access database in a multiuser environment where all users can't upgrade from Access 97 or earlier to Access 2002 at the same time. In this situation, a database must be used simultaneously with different versions of Microsoft Access, and users who have upgraded to Access 2002 can enable a database in a previous-version format.

When you're using Access 2002 to work with an enabled previous-version Access database, you can use objects in the database to view and modify data. However, you can't save changes to database objects. To modify the design of an object or create a new object in the Access database, you must either open it in the previous version or convert the database to Microsoft Access 2000 or Access 2002 file format.

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