reboot win2000 thru telnet

How can I reboot win2000 thru telnet?

Just same as what I can do in Linux server by issuing "shutdown" command.
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schmieguConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've got all the resource kits with my Technet subscription.
BTW: cou can shutdown a remote computer without using a telnet session and there is also an equivalent graphical tool: ShutGUI.exe - this will prompt you, that the shutdown request has been accepted.
There is a shutdown.exe in the resource kits and I believe, it's available free from Microsoft. And there are other tools that provide this functionality, if you search the web (or maybe someone here knows a link). And there is even a rundll32.exe cmd line, which I'm interested in myself (didn't find it on technet).
mchickenAuthor Commented:
I searched the web but can't find the tools that u mention!

In the past, I could use "Rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindows" as a shortcut in win98 to shutdown the windows but it only work under window mode.
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No problem to send shutdown.exe to you, if you post your mail address.
mchickenAuthor Commented:
Shutdown.exe works for me too.

However, it won't prompts that it's restarting the computer. Where do u got it? Also, I can't download it from and I just got it in other web site.

Anyway, thx a lot!
You can get a freeware alternative to the reskit shutdown from:

check the switches on the shutdown utility such /t:-- for a timer and "msg" for messages love this tool.
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