Increment file version in VC project.

Delphi has this neat feature that let's you automatically increment the version resource with every build. It simply increments the right most digit...

Any ideas how to do the same in VC?
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've seen several solutions, even though I have to add that I still got back to 'manually' doing this with shell scripts because of my 'bash'-centered build system: (scroll down to 'BuildNum')
AssafLavieAuthor Commented:
Ah.. very close.
But it doesn't work for my project since the RC file is not in the project's main directory and it's not named after the project either...
it is:

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Similar to above, but without some of the problems listed on that page:
AssafLavieAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but his second solution requires alot more work (for each project!). so I don't like it. The first one is almost ok, it's just not smart enough to find the right file...
Just out of curiosity, which one did you end up using?
AssafLavieAuthor Commented:
I havn't. None of them are as easy to use as Delphi. They all require some sort of messing around with res scripts, h files or MSDEV macros.
I'm also working in a team and the others don't find it acceptable.
But thanks.
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