How to map the mail directory

i Have installed RH7.0 linux with /var = 500MB partition. Now our users mail folder is in /var/spool/mail which is already filled for 400MB since we have set the option to "leave a copy of message in server for 30 days" in outlook express.

So already the /var partiton is filled up.

Now how should i proceed in this case i wish to retains the settings for 30 days messages saving options.

thanks for all help

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jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You'll have to arrainge for /var/spool/mail to live someplace that has more space. And that can be done in a couple of ways. The 'quick fix' would be to move /var/spool/mail to some other file system that has sufficient free space and symlink its new location back to /var/spool/mail. As as an example, consider a system that looks like:

Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1              2071384   1577012    389148  81% /
/dev/hda5              4134900    594836   3330016  16% /iso
/dev/hda9             21259988   5942632  14237388  30% /nfs0
/dev/hda6              1035660    720456    262596  74% /opt
/dev/hda8               521748    124144    371100  26% /var

I can see that /nfs0 has tons of free space and that would be a reasonable place to put /var/spool/mail. To accomplish the task I need to have the system in single user mode so that neither sendmail nor the clients can change the contents of /var/spool/mail while I'm moving it. So boot the system into single user mode with 'linux single' at the Lilo prompt and then do:

# cd /var/spool
# tar cf - mail | (cd /nfs0; tar xvpf -)
# rm -r mail
# ln -s /nfs0/mail /var/spool/mail

Another way would be to create a file system on another disk or on an unused partition on the boot drive and move /var/spool/mail to there. Then remove the contents of /var/spool/mail and mount the new file system on /var/spool/mail.
sudarshankrAuthor Commented:
thanks i will try the opton
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