FrontPage98 - how do I get to the buttons to change them?

Posted on 2001-08-29
Last Modified: 2013-12-24
This is my first time using FrontPage98.
I've used the Project template to create a website. I've cut it down to 4 pages and added some links to documents and other websites.

All pages except the home page have buttons with links to each other. The home page has a set of buttons each marked [button]. I can't get to them to make them useful. When I click where they are the component bot appears. I've tried a few things but without success.

How do I get the same set of buttons on my home page as on my other pages, and how do I get access to these buttons to change them.

Thanks in advance.

Question by:Ange
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Expert Comment

ID: 6437698
Have you tried to right click on them?  Or maybe even just highlighting the buttons then deleting them to add your own?  If the buttons you're adding to the homepage is similar to the one on the other pages, sometimes the best thing to do is just copy and paste it from the other page.  I work off FrontPage 2000.  Hopefully this helps because I have not experienced a problem like such.




Expert Comment

ID: 6438971
you can use the shared border.
or you can view the navigation and arrange them accordingly, like parent and child relationship, also try editing the navigation properties ang click a checkbox for home so that the nome page is included in the navigation buttons ....
you could actually modify the buttons using the theme, there is modify button below, but you should create first some graphics for the button.

Expert Comment

ID: 6441702

Ange....the key here is that we need to know how you are putting in your buttons.  I assume you are using the navigation bar feature.

The buttons will say [button] when there is no page corresponding to the level you are trying to include on the navigation.

Shared borders will be a real PITA here.  Because I assume the navigation bar you are having problems with is set to "same level" and there is nothing on the same level as the home page.

You need to specify child level for this, which will mess up everything else if it is in a shared border.

Would you like to take a stab at doing it with tables?  I could give you a hand.

icybryan - please use the Answer feature ONLY when you are sure that your answer is the only option that will fix the asker's problem.  Otherwise it locks the question and removes it from the open question list, and the rest of us may miss it.  This means that Ange doesn't get any further input.  Thanks.
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Author Comment

ID: 6444324
Copy & Paste doesn't work - I can copy but not paste. I'd rather not delete & add my own because I don't know how to create buttons yet.

Sorry but there are too many unknowns in your answer for me to use it...

I didn't create the buttons, they were created by the Wizard/template.

What's PITA? You were right about this navigation bar being set to 'same level'. I changed it to child level and as you said, this messed up the others.
What I have now is the required set of buttons on the Home Page but only one button on each of the other pages, which is a link to the Home Page.

While this works its not what I wanted. If your 'doing it with tables' will sort this out I'm interested.


Author Comment

ID: 6444342
I've just realised what PITA means :-) (I'm English, maybe you're American?? :-))))

Accepted Solution

ClassyLinks earned 50 total points
ID: 6444494
8-) Ange....Canadian.

Ok.  First let me explain what is happening for you.

You are using shared borders on all your pages.  If I am correct, this is happening to you on your TOP shared border.

1) What is a shared border?
A shared border is a separate html file, located in your _borders directory that FP *magically* inserts into any pages you specify.

2) What are the benefits of shared borders?
Shared borders are a great idea for pages all on the same level of your navigation structure.  By using shared borders, you can have all your pages look the same, which is desireable, and any changes you make will be applied to all the pages.

3) What are the limitations of shared borders?
You just found the biggest one.  Using a navigation bar in a shared border means that, again, the content is EXACTLY the same.  This can be a big problem as you change levels in your navigation.

4) How can I work around this?
Microsoft has fixed a lot of the problems with shared borders.  First in FP2000 they allowed for the "child pages under home" option, which would have fixed your specific problem.  In FP2002 they allow you to create a custom navigation bar by specifying pages directly.  But unless you want to upgrade, that isn't going to help you.

To fix this issue for you, here is what I recommend.

1) Remove shared borders from your home page.

2) At the top of your home page, make a table.
The structure of your table will depend on how many shared borders you are using.
You will need 1 row for the top, one row for the middle (this will hold your contents), and one row for the bottom.  As for columns, if you are only using the left shared border, you will need 2 columns, if you are using both left and right, you will need 3.  See how that works?

3)Select your top row, and merge the cells.  You now have one large cell in which to put your banner and navigation bar (set to child level).

4)Select your bottom row, merge the cells and  put in the contents of your bottom border.

5)Now you can put the contents of your left & right borders in the appropriate cell and paste the rest of what is supposed to be on yoru home page in the main cell of the table.

6)Resize your table cells by dragging them.  Format your paragraphs to center the text or however you want them aligned

Taa Daa!

Just remember that the changes you make to the shared borders will not be reflected on your home page.

If you run into any road blocks, post back here.


Author Comment

ID: 6445134
That's loads of info for me to work through, looks like you really know your stuff. Thanks a lot.

When I get stuck, I'll be back....:-)


Expert Comment

ID: 6445167
Come back any time Ange....thanks for the A.


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