Will Microsoft Interdev be in the next version of Visual Studio?

I have not learned Interdev but I have Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. Is Interdev going to be updated like C++ and VB or would it be a waste of time for me to learn Interdev?
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TriskelionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Visual Studio 7
What's in it for VC++ Developers?
It will not be a waste of time to learn VI. in Visual.net Interdev will be built into the common IDE, not a seperate product.
i haven't downloaded the .net beta2, but from what i hear, visualinterdev wil be no more. however, i would still learn vi because it will make learining the .net ide much easier. most of microsoft's stuff is pretty similar in the way it works.

just reiterating what hes has already stated.
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