ActiveX + Html + Borland C++ Builder 4

Posted on 2001-08-30
Last Modified: 2013-11-18
I have a Html document witch call a activeX Form created with Borland C++ Builder 4.
I want to give some parameters to the activeX in the Html document and I want the activex get the information of these parameters.
Can someone help me to solve my problems?

Thanks a lot for your help!
Question by:ryuken
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As long as the Parameter you are interested in is also an ActiveX Property
of the ActiveForm you should be able to add the Parameter to the OBJECT tag, like you would WIDTH and HEIGHT.

Normally COM requires you to implement an IPesistPropertyBag interface to make this work.
How? See Alex Bakaev's replies to same Q in If next link dasn't work, make
search for IPersistPropertyBag.


Author Comment

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Hello Alex!

Thanks for your help!
I have implemented the IPesistPropertyBag interface in my ActiveX.
But when I give a parameter from the html document to the AxtiveX, the value I get is blank.
I search on how I can get the value of the parameter, but I find nothing interisting!

Could you have any clue to help me, please?

Thanks very much!
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Next is a bit other code , as in Alex Bakaev(but very close). Check out names in your  PARAM statement in Html
This evening I had to research another issue that required that I put
together an ActiveForm sample. I took the opportunity to put together
something illustrating PARAM NAME VALUE support at the same time. Here are
some notes:

(a) Add IPersistPropertyBagImpl to the list base classes:

class ATL_NO_VTABLE TActiveFormXImpl:
VCLCONTROL_IMPL(TActiveFormXImpl, ActiveFormX, TActiveFormX, IActiveFormX,
public IPersistPropertyBagImpl<TActiveFormXImpl>

(b) Add IPersistPropertyBag to your COM_MAP:


(c) Add a PROP_ENTRY macro to the PROPERTY_MAP for each property your want
accessible via the PARAM/NAME/VALUE tag, specifying the property name, its
DISPID and the CLSID of your CoClass. For example:

// PROP_PAGE(CLSID_ActiveFormXPage)

To test the above, I used the following tag in an .HTML file:



<PARAM NAME="Caption" VALUE="Caption set via PARAM NAME tags">

I also put a button on my form that displays the Caption property when
clicked - to confirm that indeed the "Caption set via PARAM NAME tags" did
work. (NOTE: You'll get additional warnings from IE because the control is
also being initialized).

I hope the above helps. I'll be happy to .zip up the sample and forward you
a copy if you're interested.

Jean-Marie Babet
By your description seems me problem in next place
<PARAM NAME="Caption" VALUE="Caption set via PARAM NAME tags"> --> all right, and may be you simple forget

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Accepted Solution

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I hope, you solved problem with help of my comments.

Author Comment

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Hello Alex!

Thank you very much for your help!
I am sorry to answer after a few days.
But I have a lot of work to do.
I will try your solution and tell you if it works!

If I am too long to answer, I will give you the points for your help!

Bye bye!

Author Comment

ID: 6511845
Hello Alex!

I am sorry.I don't have the time to test your solution.
But I think you give me the good path to resolve it.

Thanks a lot!
See you later!

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