msflexgrid - Merging header cells without losing selection hightlight

I need to find a way if possible to merge cells strictly in the fixed header rows (which I have done). But not lose the selection highlight. I still want to be able to multselect cells.

Here is a quote from documentation msflexgrid - merge cells:

"When MergeCells is set to a value other than 0 (Never), selection highlighting is automatically turned off. This is done to speed up repainting, and because selection of ranges containing merged cells may lead to unexpected results."

I understand their reasons, but I am only merging cells in the fixed column headers.

Or is there a better way to label columns/rows where the text can span more then one column and/or row within the header?

Wish msflexgrid had a CellAlignment - "across cells..."

I know there are 3rd party grids with this ability, but trying to avoid 3rd party controls if possible.

Currently use formula ones grid and it works ok. But becoming expensive to keep upgrading.

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BlaZerConnect With a Mentor Commented: could make a Fake selection by just changing the backcolor in the cells.....

a little something like this

Dim LastSelectedRow As Long
Dim LastSelectedCol As Long

Private Sub MSFlexGrid1_Click()
If LastSelectedRow <> 0 Then
For x = LastSelectedRow To MSFlexGrid1.Row
For y = LastSelectedCol To MSFlexGrid1.Col
MSFlexGrid1.Row = x
MSFlexGrid1.Col = y
MSFlexGrid1.CellBackColor = RGB(0, 0, 255)
End If
LastSelectedRow = MSFlexGrid1.Row
LastSelectedCol = MSFlexGrid1.Col

End Sub

would somethin like that be usefull?
i dont understand..could u copy paste your code?
RPWardAuthor Commented:
I have a grid with 13 columns. Two rows are fixed (headers). I want text to span more then one column in the first row (for example). I used the mergecells options to accomplish this. However, using the mergecells options - I lose the ability to multi-select cells within the grid (for cutting and pasting or whatever).

Question is, is there a better way to label headers across columns? Or is there a way to keep selection highlighting on, doing it the way I am doing it?
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use this for the columns u need to merge
MSFlexGrid1.MergeCol(1) = True
I would have suggested exactly what Blazer has suggested. :)
RPWardAuthor Commented:
Kuppachi - Thanks, but I have the merge figured out. Trying to figure a way to have selection highlighting on.

Blazer - This may help, need to check it out - Thanks.
Unfortunately, I was never able to get it working properly.  I ended up turning off the merge, because it was more important for me to have the selection working properly than the merged cells look.  While this works ok for row headers (leaving a blank row header instead of repeating it) it doesn't look very good for column headers and I also wish the flexgrid had alignment across cells.

I've never used the Hierarchical Flexgrid, does it have the same limitations?  As far as third party goes, we have FarPoint Spread here, and it is good, but it is often too complex for the simple grid work that I need.
RPWardAuthor Commented:
PaulHews, I have tried both msflexgrid and mshflexgrid - same limitations. I am going to give Blazer's suggestion a try. See what happens.
RPWardAuthor Commented:
Thanks BlaZer, your answer pushed me in the right direction. Seems like it's going to work. Thanks again.
no problem....glad to help :=
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