McAfee interfering with IE & shutdown

At our school I have installed McAfee Antivirus Version 4.5, on over 40 computers.  All are running Win 98 SE and Pentium II or III 400 to 750 CPU.  Three of these will not shut down properly unless McAfee is disabled. Four of these cause IE 5.5 to freeze, unless McAfee is disabled.  All these computers are on the same network.  Right now these computer users are disabling McAfee every time they want to shut down or use IE 5.5.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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kahleanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
since disabling some of the mcafee av feature didnt help, it might have something to do with the installation. Even though the installation went through smoothly, but certain files might not installed properly. Hence i would suggest a uninstallation and reinstallation again if that is possible.

Different pc might have different software configuration. Hence it is hard to identify what cause the problem in each system. There might be certain software that has conflict with your mcafee. To find out what software that cause the problem. For instance software like netsonic has known issue of conflicting with other antivirus program causing the system to freeze.

Press Ctrl + Atl + Del before shutting down , and close one program after another except for mcafee antivirus, explorer, systray and rundll32. See which software is conflicting. This might be tedious task, but it can be useful in detecting what program that causes the problem.

Another alternative which you could try is to upgrade the scan egine to the latest version. This patches not only will increase the effectiveness of the program but also resolve some of the bugs in the program. A glance through at mscafee download site shows that engine version 4.5.1 is available for download. Give it a try, and who konw it might return a favourable result. Here is the link

Hope to hear from you soon

You might want to try disabling scan of floppy disk at shutdown.

See the following for more information:

these few article from microsft support explains your problem

It may seems that the problem lies in the realt time scan in the antivurs.

Perhaps updating the program or engine might help.

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beachnetAuthor Commented:
I disabled the floppy disk scan at shutdown and also the command that allows scan at the run command.  No luck.  I installed the fix for Windows 98 shut down problem. No Luck.  Disabled all background programs. No luck.

Any other suggestions?
Take a closer look at the differences between the machines that lock up and those that don't. Perhaps any of the following software causes the lockups in IE.

1. Can you describe the exact error message received, for example, "page fault in kernel32.dll" and what if any web site was linked to before the error message was received? Perhaps there is some script or program running on one of the web sites that causes the error.

2. Are the affectecd PC's using AdsOff or PopOff?

3. Are they using Symantec Cleansweep?

4. Are they using Gozilla, and have the file advert.dll on your system?

5. Did they download Real Player about a year ago, and have Comet Cursor installed? To uninstall, they provide directions and software to do so at:

6. Versions of directx loaded on affected machines vs. those that don't lock up.
Another thing to check:

7. Compare versions of video drivers on those that lock up versus those that don't.
this article from microsoft contains info on how to trace shutdown problem. Might be useful

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