Recordset by SQL in MFC, from record to record ...

The question about MFC C++ or MS Windows C++ for
Database managment.
For example: You have database ( MDB or SQL )
1) How to open recordset by SQL in MFC C++?
2) If recordset open, then how to go from record to record to update recordset?
3) How to delete, insert, select recordset in C++.
Please propose a web link to examle or something else.
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Well Im going to give you three solutions here:

1st:  You can use OLEDB consumer templates

I'd give code but it would fill a couple of pages...

Just look at the msdn site and look for
FAQ: Using the OLE DB Consumer Templates

Most of your questions can be answered there.  You may want to spend sometime at msdn looking at what they are as well (basically a templated class that simplifies getting data with OLEDB).  

2nd:  You can use ADO

You really only have to use the #import command on the ado library (msado15.dll).  Just remember to change eof to EOF


and also Articles Q169496 and Q174565 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base

3rd You can use DAO (I don't recommend it)

MFC has its own DAO classes for dealing with recordsets and such.

The basic gist of the way to read data is:

// open database
CDaoDatabase oDb;
CDaoRecordset oRs(&oDb);

oDb.Open(strDataPath); // path to database
// execute query
oRs.Open(dbOpenDynaset,"SELECT * from Logs", dbOpenDynaset); // the last parameter determines if you can edit

if (!oRs.IsEOF())

while (!(oRs.IsEOF()))
     COleVariant vValue1;
     COleVariant vValue2;
     COleVariant vValue3;

     // timestamp
     vValue1.vt = VT_DATE;
     oRs.GetFieldValue("EnterTime", vValue1);
     vValue2.vt = VT_BSTR;
     oRs.GetFieldValue("Type", vValue2);
     vValue3.vt = VT_BSTR;
     oRs.GetFieldValue("Msg", vValue3);

     if (vValue1.vt != VT_DATE)





also to edit and update a record use the Edit, Update and AddNew member functions of the recordset (note Update must be called after Edit and AddNew to update the record)

hope this helps
What about MFC's CDatabase and CRecordset classes?  

That way, you can use ClassWizard's support for creating the DB classes for you and binding the columns to data members.  The CRecordset contains methods to easily Insert, Edit, and Delete rows in a database.  Not the fastest at runtime, but pretty quick to implement.

-=- James.
ua1zclAuthor Commented:
Mupchu777 and James(jtwine), thank to both. I not accept
any answer until few days let me see for all i got.
Excuse me, but i must rejcet Mupchu777 answer for some time, that is e-e recomendations.
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ua1zclAuthor Commented:
Mupchu777 and James(jtwine), thank to both. I not accept
any answer until few days let me see for all i got.
Excuse me, but i must rejcet Mupchu777 answer for some time, that is e-e recomendations.
I agree with jtwine that CRecordset/CDatabase is the easiest way to get started.  Would you like a step-by-step instruction guide?

-- Dan
ua1zclAuthor Commented:
I accept mupchu777  answer. Thanks a lot.
I can't find a button to press to accept an answer
for now.
I think if I make another comment you can accept that as an answer.  You can't accept my old answer as you have already rejected it.

I would also clarify that yes CDatabase and CRecordset are options as well.  It is syntaticly similar to CDAODatabase and CDAORecordset.  Personally I would avoid the MFC classes and use ADO (through the import command), but that is just my preference.  The only thing I could really argue is the programming model of ADO coupled with a fairly tight wrapper with little overhead.

ua1zclAuthor Commented:
I am new in data base programming and can not
anythig argue against. So, thank you , hope meet you again here.
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