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Access 97 System.mdw gets corrupted frequently

Posted on 2001-08-31
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-13

I am using Access 97 as the back end and VB as the front end.

I am using User lever Security. Its a network app. Now the problem that i am facing is that the System.mdw gets corrupted within 2 hours after i have repaired it. I have around 5 to 6 users at peak times and normally its 2 or 3 users active at any one time. Then 1 user eg will logoff and another user will login using his username and password only to find they can't login.

Its a pain to tell the logged on users to logoff, so i can repair the System.mdw file and so the now that user can login (b/c the system file has been repaired).

I am using Win2K Pro, 64mb ram etc.

Any suggestions pls

Question by:melu

Expert Comment

ID: 6444402
you could remotely shutdown their pc's if you add the winsock control to the client apps

then make a new server program just to shut them down..
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Expert Comment

ID: 6444594
I have seen that if a user does not log out correctly
or just turn off windows or the PC. The database
thinks the user is still log in.
Check on the User for proper usage of the computer.
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Accepted Solution

Matti earned 150 total points
ID: 6448368

It shuld not write to System.mdw file if no priviliges are assinged or changed. The write affects for the system.ldb and database.ldb file.

How ever these workgroup privilige changes to system.mdw need to have exlusive access to database others can't be connected.

Are you sure this corruption is coming your VB front end.
Some suspected hazardous VBA macros or some users just have access to WRKGADM.EXE and priviliges to recreate it and they do jam it. Check you nic cards and connections for data errors there shuld not be very much of them, however some are accepted.

Set readonly attrib for the system.mdw and try log what is happening there.

The lock left behing is bossible, there is a .ldb readed program in MS Access support area for solve of lock conflicts, sorry my link won't work any more but it shuld be in MS downloads for Access.


Author Comment

ID: 6490384
To jlymn - well if i use WinSoc To shut them down - how will they be able to log from the appl?

To planocz - i have done that - however it a software - and i can't be there telling users how they should log off... also when users log off the Terminate event gets fired where i close the database eg:

Private Sub MDIForm_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
    Set Db = Nothing
    Set MyWorkspace = Nothing
    ' Important unload event will close any forms that remain open.
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = Forms.Count - 1 To 0 Step -1
        Unload Forms(i)
    Unload Me
End Sub

To Matti - it will write to System.mdw b/c the passwords are stored there.
Also u can't set the read only attribute b/c then users won't be able to change there passwords.

How should i check my nic card for errors?

I still don't know how to solve this problem?

Should I upgrade to Access2000?


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