what's the function of the msvcrt.dll

what's the function of the msvcrt.dll
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Asta CuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You've already received great input, this includes an excellent link that allows you to key in dll name and find all versions of that dll and which programs call for/use that version.


This gives a great deal of additional information on this specific dll and functions:



The resource file "msvcrt.dll" is included by default with all 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating system installations with the exception of Windows 95A. This first version of the Windows 95 operating system did not include this file.
More info.


It's the Visual C++ runtime library. Needed for any program that was written using this language.

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From the net.

11. Windows tells me that it can't find "MSVCRT.DLL". What is "MSVCRT.DLL", and how do I get it?

MSVCRT.DLL is the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library. Now you know. Later releases of Windows 95 don't include this file, but it is included in the "Windows Library Update" which can be downloaded from Microsoft at the following location: MSVCRT.DLL
The file is 1.4MB which is about a six-minute download with a 56k modem.

The file is on Win 98 SE original CD

Contents of the Win98_63.cab File :
Msvcrt     dll       266,293  4-23-1999 10:22:00p

If you have Winzip double click this cab file
or use the extract command from a DOS window
extract  /L destination_directory win98_63.cab msvcrt.dll

If you don't find msvcrt.dll type the next command to find the .dll

from the \win98 diectory on the cd type
for %a in (*.cab) do extract /D %a >>c:\temp\win98.txt
then edit the txt file to know where is the file.


If you are having a problem with that particular DLL:

Most like, some program you recently installed replaced msvcrt.dll with an older version.

Go to Start>Run, type vcmui. If you find backed-up versions that are newer than the present versions, replace them here.

Or do a search for msvcrt*. Then right-click on all you find and choose properties, click the version tab and locate the newest one, rename it to msvcrt.dll and place it in the c:\windows\system directory.

If you're using Internbet Explorer 5.0 or higher, and have kept the setup files, use Winzip or similar to extract the latest copy of msvcrt.dll from C:\Windows Update Setup Files\SETUPW95.CAB

Asta CuCommented:
Thank you for the fine grade.  Happy to have been of help to you.
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