How to get a handle to edit control of CComboBox ???

Posted on 2001-08-31
Last Modified: 2013-11-20

 Hello there,
   I created an object of CComboBox with CBS_DROPDOWN style which allows to edit the text.Now I have to implement UNDO functionality in it.But there is no undo method associated with CComboBox.Is there any way to get the handle of Edit Control of it,using which UNDO is possible. If it is not possible.please tell me how to use CComboBoxEx.I tried with that , but it doesn't shows the dropdown list.
please do reply soon.
Question by:Narendra_bt

Expert Comment

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I don't think it's posible.
To use CComboBoxEx declare a CComboBoxEx var in your window class and after the window was created call Create method for the combobox like in the code below:

m_cbxMyCombo.Create( CBS_DROPDOWN | WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, CRect( 100, 100, 200, 200), this, 1 );    

This should do it.

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ID: 6445832
I think you're looking for GetDlgItem (the MFC version prototype is):
void CWnd::GetDlgItem( int nID, HWND* phWnd ) const

and associated functions GetDlgItemText() and SetDlgItemText.

You can look up the article "Retrieving Data from the Dialog Object" in the Visual Studio help for complete details.

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Since the edit box is a child window of ComboBox,we can use ::ChildWindowFromPoint(HWND,POINT) to get the Handle of Edit.

POINT ptn;
ptn.x = 2;
ptn.y = 2; //ComboxBox must be larger than two pixel
HWND hEdit = ::ChildWindowFromPoint(combox.m_hWnd,ptn);
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Accepted Solution

jtwine100697 earned 50 total points
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It is undocumented, but ComboBoxes create their edit control with an ID of 1001, so you should be able to use GetDlgItem(...) to get the handle of the edit control:

    CWnd *pCBEdit = m_cbComboBox.GetDlgItem( 1001 );

-=- James.

Author Comment

ID: 6447087

Hello James,
 Thanks,it works perfectly.


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ID: 6447186
I don't know if it's recomanded to use a undocumented facility. It's undocumented because it my change and may not be avable in the next versions of window. But I think that it's a nice solution. jtwinwe where do u find out this ?

Expert Comment

ID: 6447703
> I don't know if it's recomanded to use a undocumented facility. It's undocumented because it my change [...]
> and may not be avable in the next versions of window.

With regard to APIs, that is very true.  But this particular behaviour is not likely to change: it has been this way since at least Windows 3.1.  Changing it risks breaking existing apps.

> But I think that it's a nice solution. jtwinwe where do u find out this ?

You can use Spy to determine the IDs of child windows.  It is also documented in an MFC FAQ somewhere.

-=- James.

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