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Want to find the gateway IP address of my Cisco 2600.

Posted on 2001-08-31
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
Simple question but I'm new to this so...

Can I find the gateway IP address of my Cisco 2600? I want to view the configuration on my cisco router. What command do I use in hyperterminal to view
the config?
Question by:AnimatorOne
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Expert Comment

ID: 6447586
well there are two modes in a cisco router, user and enable.  you need to be in enable mode.  Then type either write term   or   sh run
That will show you the running config.  if you want to see what config is stored and will be used when you reboot then just type sh start.

Accepted Solution

jwalsh88 earned 400 total points
ID: 6447594
Oh and by the way the default gateway might not be in the config depending on any routing protocols you might be using, it might be dynamic.  To know for sure type the command:
sh ip route

This will show your routing table and it will also have a line stating the gateway of last resort.

Becareful though because sometimes there will be static default routes, defined in the config.  So, check both the config and the routing table.

Expert Comment

ID: 6450523
firstly ,Configure your hyper terminal.
 96000/8/n/Stop bit=2/Flow control =Hardware
if you connect,enter to login
Pw.: your pw (enter)
Router> enable (enter)
Router# sh running-config (to show configuration)
writes Building configuration ...
Writes some text and --More-- ,
Enter a space key for a page down or enter for a line down
Be careful for static route and default route
(default route: "ip route Gateway")
 Static route:  "ip route destination_network next_hop"
Router# sh ip route
You can see your interfaces and their connections.
You can see static or dynamic routing.
You can see all routing parameters.

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Expert Comment

ID: 6452413
If I had understood your question correctly i think you are looking for IP address of your router.

If the router is connected to the LAN directly you should have routers IP set as gateway in your tcp/ip setings.

If you have between your router and LAN (for example) firewall you should use tracert command to the some host in the outside world. Most certianly the IP address of your router will be shown in second line.

For viewing routers configuration you will need to know two passwords. One for the telnet connection and another for entering in priviledged mode (enable command)

These steps were already writen above:

telnet x.x.x.x (your routers IP)
*enter password
*enter enable password
sh run

For conecting over console port connect console cable to the com port of your PC and follow  Cetrefli instructions above.

Regards, Davorin

Expert Comment

ID: 6460283
sorry AnimatorOne,
My hyper terminal settings is true for 2500 series routers.
Your settings for 2600 is 9600/8/n/1/none

Expert Comment

ID: 6466067
You might also want to get familiar with a couple of other commands.

Show ip int brief will list the interfaces with their primary IP addresses(if they have IP assigned) that exist on the router. It will also tell the state of the interfaces.  I will usually do this command as soon as I get into a router. We have a lot of people that manipulate the routers day to day, so its a good first look into the status of the interfaces.

Don't always trust that routes defined in the running config (output of 'show run') are the ones that  the router is routing by. The routing table is shown when you use 'show ip route' . Get familiar with the different fields output in show ip route. C is connected, S is static, etc. Spending time with the show commands is a great habit tostart. Trying to understand them instead of jumping right to the running config will benefit you in the long run.

Have fun.
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Answered first by jwalsh88


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