ALT + CTRL Keys capture

Hi Experts,

I want to capture the keys ALT+CTRL when my VB application (Developed in VB 6) is hidden or invisible. When user press the keys my application must be activated.
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Dave_GreeneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
surkiAuthor Commented:
Hi Dave,
The code works. But i want my form to be activated even when my application is invisible or hidden. It works only when its minimized.

Here's a file for ou over the net:


Description: I've seen many keyloggers which are very basic, althought his one is as well it has such features as hiding itself from the ctrl-alt-del list. And the ability to recognist characters such as Tab, Shifty Del etc. Next time you boot up your recordings will be in a new file output.txt in the same dir as the program.

No time to test it: 11:5 p.m. at night (zzz)

Hope this helps!

That's it!

glass cookie : )
surkiAuthor Commented:
Didn't get the exact but got the idea thanx

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