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How do I get ELF binary support under RH7.1?
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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> .. I prefer not to use xconfig as I will lose the Win4Lin Patch also ..
hmm, usualy no. make config or make menuconfig just uses the .config file, rewites it but only changeing what have been applied through the dialog.
If you still mind, simply edit .config and use:


This does not have any influence to Win4Lin's settings and/or patches.
you need to recompile the kernel with ELF support enabled.
A kernel with ELF suppport can be identified with
   ls -l /proc/kcore_elf
dryzoneAuthor Commented:
That will not work. I am running an enhanced kernel (Win4Lin). I therefore cannot compile the kernel as the Trelos patch will then not work. I therefore need to have ELF loaded somehhow as a module.
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Even for Win4Lin you can compile your own kernel. You just need to look at the scripts provided for Win4Lin ...
Anyway, you also may enable ELF as module, compile and install it.
dryzoneAuthor Commented:
Win4Lin -- no, I had lengthy discussions with Vistasource about that and the decission was not to do it.
Module....yes, but  that I never been successful with.
Have a method which will work???
> .. was not to do it.
I simply did it ;-)
> Have a method which will work?
Sorry, no.
Did not face any problems loadinf elf as a module !!! Did the following
1) make xconfig
2? General setup -> Kernel support for ELF binaries (as a module)
3) make dep bzImage modules
4) could see binfmt_elf.o in ./fs/

Hope that helps
dryzone, do not listen to all the foolishness from whatsTheirFaces Vistasource.  ahoffmann is correct, compile the kernel yourself it is not that hard to do.  I don't have any exp with Win4Lin, but the kernel is the kernel and those I know about :-)))
dryzoneAuthor Commented:
The 6 machines I have running linux all have custom kernels compiled for ide/scsi and other non standard issues for cdburners etc, except for one which I run with an "win4Lin enhanced kernel" Vistasource repeatedly told me ONLY to use standard kernels when applying their patch when I confronted them with the problem.

Ahoffmann is probably right an I have the greatest respect for his answers, as he helped me several times in the past swiftly and with great clarity.

However, I followed the path of trying to run Win4Lin with a recompiled kernel with dire results. Most of the time the kernel just wont boot. When it does, it dies halfway during bootup with a kernel-panic. When I apply the same patch to a standard kernel it works again.

This is the reason I really prefer to add ELF support as a module as I will not get into trouble with Win4Lin patch VS Custom Kernel.

I lately had the need for an important program installed unfortunately needing ELF support.

I will try ghinsmattai's suggestions this weekend, although I prefer not to use xconfig as I will lose the Win4Lin Patch also - so his is basically equiocvalent to a kernel compile.

As I never done an "inmsmod" on ELF I posed this question.
I do not want to recompile the kernel - period.
So it has to be an "insmod" regarding ELF.
dryzoneAuthor Commented:
That is something i did not know.
will try that.
dryzoneAuthor Commented:
It did not work.
Elf and Win4lind do not want "live" together in the same kernel.
Called Vistasource again and they say "Use a standard kernel and dont recompile else our win4lin patch does not work"

I will give Ahoffmann the points due to his help in previous cases, but this did not solve the problem.

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