Excel 97/ VBA: "Object server not correctly registered"

I use Rob Bovey's VBACodeCleaner 4.3 ( http://www.bmsltd.co.uk/MVP/Default.htm ) since long. On my brandnew work PC I can not get it to run. The operating system is the same as before (NT 4 SP6), also the Office version (97 SR-2). The installation routine did not bitch. When I try to start it I get the critical message stating "Object server not correctly registered (CodeCleanerMain)". This Sub is in the module MEntryPoints (not protected) but I did not yet figure out what raises the error. Any ideas ?  
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bruintjeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yup, i downloaded, installed and had the same error, run it 5 times and the error was gone :O)
criAuthor Commented:
Problem fixed. Did anyone already devote time to this ?
just delete this one cri, but how did you solve it?
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criAuthor Commented:
Let me see...
1) Installed it: -> Nope
2) Deinstalled + re-installed + reboot:-> Nope
3) Installed over the existing one:-> Nope
4) VBE|Tools|References: Checked VBACodeCleaner option:-> Nope
5) Regcleaned the registry + reboot: -> Nope
6) "excel /regserver": -> Yessssss  

As for the question. The first part of the error message i.e. "Object server not correctly registered" seems to be a regular Microsoft error message. However the sole reference as _phrase_ in the MSKB was for Visual Basic. Do you see something kinky/risky in the code ?
i had a much nicer error box on the first try to the main procedure a box with

"error 424"
"Object server  " and cancel/help buttons

the next run it worked without a glitch except for the fact that i had no code to clean :O) i though my pc had to adjust to the new stuff....

and now with the loading excel just crashed on a
"unexpected error 50001" with the loading of the cleaner.xla in the bar....(this is fun)

I got some more trouble ctrl-alt-del is gone away, i'll restart and be back
criAuthor Commented:
This is really strange, because I used this version of the VBACodeCleaner almost daily since months w/o the slightest trouble.

BTW: VirusScanNT (signatures from August 22) did not find anything.
ah well, outlook leaked into memory, but cri i saw no hints on something weird and even tested the thing which is a nice piece to do at the job tommorow since we're structured on a SQLServer-Excel-ASP framework and use Excel heavily on the user input side i'm curious how much i could get out of those workbooks....

criAuthor Commented:
Even if you do not program as I do (constantly tweaking, sometimes with a try and error approach), you probably will be amazed. However do not forget to compile and re-save your project after cleaning.
criAuthor Commented:
Time to close this one. How much did it reduce your xla at work ?
wish i had the time to take that one for a ride,

monday till wednesday we had real trouble of holding our servers up in the ether....

and well the rest of the week just user support stuff, those days when at the end of the day the list of things to do is the same as at the start...

but this week should give some air, i'll let you know but cri why those points, i'm certainly gratefull but i should give you some for getting me on track of this tool....

in one of the threads this week i came by a nice debugging tool that can be downloaded from nonags,

from the documentation

With that, I give you the Postmortem Toolkit ? a VB add-in that allows you to build such a capability into your web-based and Windows-based applications as they are developed.  
The Toolkit will help you deliver supportable applications; it is easy to use and won?t cost you a dime.  These are some of its features:
?     Easily adds a standard error handler to any routine.
?     Identifies the module, routine and the exact line of code where the error occurred.
?     Captures the application?s call path, even in a multitiered system.
?     Has a trace capability that can be switched on or off easily.
?     When running under NT / Windows 2000, also writes errors to the system event log.
?     When used with regular Windows front-ends it captures the screen shot at the time the error occurred, allows for user comments to be entered and has a print capability.
if you're interested i could mail it to you for a look at it it's 190Kb zipped including all source etc....don;t know why i couldn't find it at the site of APEX Consulting since it is freeware made available by them earlier this year....

criAuthor Commented:
bruintje, thanks, if you can give me the URL, I will be glad to have a look at it.
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