I use CMemFile and CArchive
First store in ar and save buffer from file in Registry key
What I store is CObArray
The object is:
class Sites
CString first,second;
CString GetFirst();
CString GetSecong();
Here is my OnCreate() where I whant to read stored data and init CListBox

const INT nSIZE = 4096;
HKEY hKey;
DWORD dwType;
DWORD dwData  = nSIZE;
BYTE* bData   = (BYTE*)::calloc(nSIZE, sizeof(TCHAR));

     if(ERROR_SUCCESS !=
    MessageBox("Error Open");

const LONG retValue = ::RegQueryValueEx(hKey, "proba", NULL, &dwType,bData, &dwData);
if(retValue == ERROR_SUCCESS && REG_BINARY == dwType)

  // Load Read values in file
  CMemFile file(bData, nSIZE);
  //Attach file to archive
  CArchive ar(&file, CArchive::load);

  //Load "object"



// Loop and load elements to List box
     for(int i=0;i < object.GetSize();i++)
          Sites*     pSite=(Sites*)object[i];
          CRuntimeClass*     pRt=pSite->GetRuntimeClass();

          if(pSite->IsKindOf(RUNTIME_CLASS(Sites))) MessageBox("It Is");
          CListBox* pList=(CListBox*)dlgbar.GetDlgItem(IDC_LIST);
My problem is that pRt->m_nObjectSize;
in not 0 but string stay empty
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what is the full definition of Sites look like?

CObList::Serialize requires that you provide friend operators for << and >> for non CObject classes (eg CString)

friend CArchive& AFXAPI operator<<(CArchive& ar, const Sites& sites)
  ar << sites.first;
  ar << sites.second;

friend CArchive& AFXAPI operator>>(CArchive& ar, Sites& sites)
  ar >> sites.first;
  ar >> sites.second;

plamtodAuthor Commented:
class Sites : public CObject  
     void SetSecond(CString nSecond);
     CString GetSecond();
     CString first;
     void SetFirst(CString nFirst);
     CString GetFirst();
     virtual ~Sites();

     CString second;
//     CString first;


It's possible
CObArray object;
yes but whan you do DECLARE_SERIAL you will see that MFC defines that you require the above >> friend operator (afx.h) - the above operators I mentioned above - should work (Maybe with a few mods) but the essence is there

> It's possible

it is working now ? or it compiles ?
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plamtodAuthor Commented:
I use the idea from

Should I predefine <<(>>).
I see - but if you look in mfc/src/list_s.cpp you will see that CStringList::Serialize(CArchive& ar) understands that it is dealing with CStrings and will therefore serialize them correctly - what I am saying is that MFC does not undestand how to serialize Sites and will need help (from you)

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plamtodAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot.
I wasn't overload Serialize for Sites class
Now O.K.
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