ADO Connection to SQL7 timeout

Can anyone tell me how to get VB/ADO/OLEDB to maintain a connection to SQL 7 without timing-out?

I'm using this connection string:
"PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB;DATABASE=mydatabase;DATA SOURCE=myserver;UID=sa;PWD=mypassword;ConnectionTimeout=0"

MSDN says that setting the ConnectionTimeout=0 should fix the problem, but it doesn't :(

I'm running quite a lengthy query btw :)

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Michel SakrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hmm.. try to make a stored procedure and call it from the script..

connection timeout is not the point.. the point is the commandtimeout.. it's in seconds.

remove the commandtimeout and connectiontimeout from the connection string.. try to insert this line after you open the connection and before executing:

frmMain.conX.CommandTimeout = 1800


I think MSDN says,
Set the connection-timeout parameter to zero in a web server configuration page. Not in connection string section..
If you have a problem with a timeout from an asp page and you allready set ConnectionTimeout to 0, then you must also change Server.ScriptTimeout that avoid to have a timeout with IIS.
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Michel SakrCommented:
also try to set the query in a stored procedure..

increase the scripttimout

server.ScriptTimeout = 1800 ' 20 minutes

also you need to increase the command timeout.. not the connection timeout

Set cn = Server.createObject("Adodb.connection")
cn.CommandTimeout = 1200
Michel SakrCommented:
it's optional to call a stored procedure since it will make leter requests faster..
if you run a quite lengthy query,You can make a stored procedure in SQL onyly turns a need result set, better than normal  " select" query. Query runs on the server.

Change two timeouts
 1. Script.Timeout=2400 (This changes from web server too.)
 2. Command.Timeout=1200

Just a thought: Have you looked at the efficiency of the query? Sub-Queries and joins are often the place to look for efficiency gains.
AddamBAuthor Commented:
Ok, I've got it working just about all the time now.

BTW the query was of the form:

DELETE FROM xtable WHERE col1 IN (SELECT cola FROM ytable);

... where ytable is about 3.5 million rows, and xtable has about 250,000 rows.

The Connection.CommandTimeout property seemed to make a difference.

However, the Server.ScriptTimeout property made me re-think the way SQL7 is set up. Strangely, in the Server->Connection Properties dialog, it says that setting "Query time-out" to 0 means that it has unlimited time for the query to execute.

** Not True!**

I set this to 10,000 and the query started working correctly.

Just goes to show, never take Microsoft at face value ;-)

If anyone has further constructive comments to make, I'd like to hear them... but at this stage Silvers5 looks like taking the points, because he put me on the right track first.

Cheers :)
AddamBAuthor Commented:
OK, I was wrong.

Just tried it on a "xtable" containing 500,000 rows this time, with all 3 timeouts set to 60,000 : and it STILL times-out!

Seems to me that the timeout value is not really in seconds!

(because it only took about 60 seconds to time out, not 1000 minutes).

Any ideas why?

normaly the query must go faster in this way, depend of your index.
DELETE FROM xtable inner join ytable
on xtable.col1 = ytable.cola

Michel SakrCommented:
hew.. you should increase the script timeout too..
AddamBAuthor Commented:
I guess Script.Timeout is an ASP object?

How would I achieve something similar in VB (ie. compiled code)?

Michel SakrCommented:
is it the ado timing out? the command object should fix that.. can you post parts of the code?
AddamBAuthor Commented:
The function is intended to remove duplicate name entries from the table....

It times out on a 6.5 million row table.

Private Sub Form_Load()
frmMain.strConnection = "PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB;DATABASE=database;DATA SOURCE=server;UID=uid;PWD=pwd;ConnectionTimeout=60000;CommandTimeout=60000"frmMain.conX.Open (frmMain.strConnection)
End Sub

Private Sub btnDeDupe_Click()
frmMain.strConnection = "PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB;DATABASE=database;DATA SOURCE=server;UID=uid;PWD=pwd;ConnectionTimeout=60000;CommandTimeout=60000"
    frmMain.conX.Open (frmMain.strConnection)
intRcount = 0

strExecute = "SELECT count(*) AS counted from " & strDatabaseTableName & ""
Set rsc = conX.Execute(strExecute)
intFirstcount = rsc("counted")

frmProgress.lblProgress.Caption = "Deduping..."
frmProgress.ProgressBar1.Value = 0
frmProgress.lblPercent.Caption = "0% complete"

Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass

strExecute = "SELECT DISTINCT name INTO Deduped FROM " & strDatabaseTableName
conX.Execute (strExecute)
' This is where it times out!

strExecute = "ALTER TABLE Deduped ADD [id] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL"
conX.Execute (strExecute)

strExecute = "DROP TABLE " & strDatabaseTableName
conX.Execute (strExecute)
strExecute = "SELECT * INTO " & strDatabaseTableName & " FROM Deduped;"
conX.Execute (strExecute)
strExecute = "DROP TABLE Deduped"
conX.Execute (strExecute)
End Sub
AddamBAuthor Commented:
Thanks Silvers5... setting the property AFTER making the connection was the key :)

I really appreciate the help!
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