WaitForSingleObject return WAIT_ABANDONED, and no thread own it


The WaitForSingleObject return WAIT_ABANDONED.

The main thread owns it.
Two threads are using this mutex.  Each thread takes ownership on the
mutex  and release it for intermittently.
The first thread finishes its run(release the mutex) and exit with
code 0.
The second thread try to get the mutex.
The WAIT_ABANDONED return code recieved.  
If the test skipped the second thread get the mutex normally.

Can I skip this check?
What is the problem?

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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The specified object is a mutex object that was not released by the thread that owned the mutex object before the owning thread terminated. Ownership of the mutex object is granted to the calling thread, and the mutex is set to nonsignaled.

It seems that your 2nd thread does not release the mutex before terminating...
peterchen092700Connect With a Mentor Commented:
i.e. the first thread did not release the mutex before terminating.
ItayAuthor Commented:
The two threads using object belongs to thread main.
This object has method that
1)    use WaitForSingleObject(handle, INFINIT)
2)    use Release(handle)

There is no chance that the mutex was not released.
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neither threads nor mutexes belong to a thread. Threads belong to a process. Mutexes belong to the session (I guess), *Handles to* Mutexes belong to a process.

Add TRACEs to where you create, acquire and release the handles, and check the return value of WaitForXXX and ReleaseMutex.


>>Mutexes belong to the session

Mutexes are kerel objects, so they're just 'loaned'...
ItayAuthor Commented:

The mutex in its current initilaization belongs to the process.

I traced the program, the return code from ReleaseMutex is 1.
Its okay as far as i know, it shouldn't be zero.

The return code from WaitForSingleObject is 0.
After the thread was destroyed, it is 128.

might sound a bit silly, but: did you count them? Remember that, for each successful wait for a mutex, there must be a releasemutex.

an abandoned mutex (i.e. thread acquired mutex, and teminated without releasing the mutex) is the *only* reason for WAIT_ABANDONED to be returned. So you might understand we expect yu to double-check this...
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