Is there any way to print TRichedit without warptext?

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Slick812Connect With a Mentor Commented:
pmarkov, the printer uses a totally different numbering for Canvas placement, it does not use the "Pixels" we are used to using in delphi. AND these numbers are Different depending on the type of printer you are using. I haven't worked with Printer.Canvas in a while, Here is some code that seems to do what you want. When I printed this, it CUT OFF the lines that were too long . . . .

procedure TForm1.ButtonPrintCanvasClick(Sender: TObject);
i, PrintXpix, PrintYpix, TextHeight: Integer;
PrintXpix := GetDeviceCaps(Printer.Handle,LOGPIXELSX);
PrintYpix := GetDeviceCaps(Printer.Handle,LOGPIXELSY);
RichEdit1.WordWrap := False;
TextHeight := Printer.Canvas.TextHeight('M');
  for i := 0 to RichEdit1.Lines.Count-1 do
  Printer.Canvas.TextOut(PrintXpix div 3, (PrintYpix div 3)+ (TextHeight*i), RichEdit1.Lines.Strings[i]);

 - - - - - - - - - - - - -  --
notice that I used the
to get a pixel to inch thing. . . . if you call textWidth after BeginDoc and
 then you should get the right textWidth in the device units of the printer (NOT PIXELS), you may want to get a reference book for delphi and the Tprinter, or do a search here for "Printer.Canvas" or other printer things


what's warptext?
pmarkovAuthor Commented:
I am so sorry...

WRAP text.

If a line is too long it is wraping to the next line.
I don't want wraping. I just want to cut lines.
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what about to set worwrpa to false before printing?

(just a guess)
pmarkovAuthor Commented:
It doesn't help.
pmarkovAuthor Commented:
It doesn't help.
Just created this, and i hope it help:

function Printwithoutwrap(Text: string):string;
st := tstringlist.Create;
st.Text := Text;
st.Text := StringReplace(st.Text, #13#10, ' ', [rfReplaceAll]);
st.Text := StringReplace(st.Text, '  ', ' ', [rfReplaceAll]);
st.Text := StringReplace(st.Text, '   ', ' ', [rfReplaceAll]);
result := st.Text;

RichEdit2.Text := Printwithoutwrap(RichEdit1.Text);
//Then maybe u would print it from RichEdit2?
//Or do what u want

It returns the string, but in one long line.
If u wan tit should not be to hard to change it to strings intead, that way it supports bigger text.

pmarkovAuthor Commented:
Sorry but it is NOT the ansewr which I expected.

RichEdit has got a WordWrap property. If it is false RichEdit will be DISPLAY the text without wrap. But it doesn't affected to PRINTING of RichEdit.

RichEdit.Print uses SendMessage(PRichEdit.Handle, EM_FORMATRANGE, 1, Longint(@Range)) to print it. And I want to cut lines when they are printing, not when they are displaing on the screen.

Does this help (I didn't test this yet):

  SendMessage(RichEdit1.Handle, EM_FMTLINES, 0, 0);

If you send this message before printing?

Regards Jacco
pmarkovAuthor Commented:
I had sent this message before printing RichEdit.Print('');
but it didn't help...
hello pmarkov, , some time ago I needed to print a richedit with special margins, different on the top than the bottom, but showing this in the Richedit. I think maybe the windows printing is what is wraping your text, not the rich edit. But to get the margins I wanted, I had to use something like Printer.Canvas.TextOut(margin1, Printer.Canvas.TextHeight( RichEdit.Lines[CurrentLine]) * CurrentLine, RichEdit.Lines[CurrentLine]); I had to set the Printer.Canvas.Font also. I don't have that code anymore, but you may look to the printer settings to change the wrapping or go through the trouble of Printer.Canvas.TextOut.
pmarkovAuthor Commented:
Thank you Slick812 for idea.

I had tried this and it work good, but I have had a problem.

Printer.Canvas.TextWidth() returns wrond result. When I print something to the printer then this returns right result. Why? What must I do before acess TextWidth for the first time?

Thanks again.
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