Linksys WUSB11 and Apple Airport Basestation

I just purchased a Linksys WUSB11 and am using it on a computer
running Windows 98.  With the WUSB11 I cannot "see" my Airport
basestation.  In Ad Hoc mode I can see my Powerbook--which has
an Airport Card--but I cannot see the basestation in Infrastructure

I've tried using my Airport Network name as my  SSID, I've tried using
"linksys" and "ANY" as my SSID, but still no luck.

I've called Linksys tech support where they tried to tell me that Airport
is not 802.11b.  (No suprises there...)

If anybody has any solutions, I'd greatly appreciate it!  

(I'm sorry if I seem upset in this post.  I'm just aggravated.)
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magarityConnect With a Mentor Commented:
jhance asked:"Is the Apple AirPort 802.11b?"

To quote from Apple's website:
"Based on the IEEE 802.11 Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) worldwide industry
standard, AirPort allows for interoperability with other 802.11-based equipment"

Details on this device at:

Nathan, on that page is a link to the 1.3.1 firmware.  Have you installed that or does it already have that?

Is the Apple AirPort 802.11b?? If it's not, the it will not interoperate.  I'm not much on an Apple fan since their typical mode is to be as proprietary as possible.
nathan8Author Commented:
I have not upgraded the Firmware on the basestation since version 1.2.  That sounds like a good idea.  I'll try that, and see what happens!  (The firmware on the WUSB11 has been upgraded...)

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In doing customer installs, I have heard complaints from everyone that owned one of those Airports and its range.  Have far away are you from the WUSB11?  

I would like to get an Apple because I don't see them much at work anymore.  I have to work on them from time to time but honestly I would like to have one here I could play with.  The trouble for me is not the fact that they are so proprietary, it is the fact that they are so darned EXPENSIVE!
"August 2001
Wireless adapter options for PCs and Macs. August 16, 2001 -- Charles Martorelli is successfully using a Linksys USB adapter to connect a Windows PC to a an AirPort network:

I have a G4(2001) & G3 Pismo on my AirPort Base Station connected to a PacBell DSL Modem. I wanted to add a PC to the network. After checking around I decided on the Linksys USB adapter. My decision was basted on price and the fact I could not spare a PCI slot for a internal card. I was all set for a evening on configuration nightmares and restarts on my Widows 2000 system. I installed the software restarted and plugged in the Linksys USB adapter and that was it. It works great I even test my thought put and it is as good as being connected to the modem directly. I also logged on to Shields Up and the firewall in the AirPort Base Station is working great.
However, Dan Mangialetto is looking for a similar solution for his older iMacs, which don't have an AirPort slot. He did find a wireless Ethernet adapter:

I want to hook up some old non-AirPort iMacs wirelessly, but the USB wireless adapters are all for PC's. I found Linksys and SMC have them but I do not think they will work on the iMac.
I did find the Nokia A040 which actually connects to the Ethernet port, not USB, to make it wireless. I am pretty sure it will work with the old iMacs because their downloadable PDF document features an iMac."
nathan8Author Commented:
As far as the distance, my WUSB11 is about 5 feet away from the Basestation.  I haven't had a range problem.  Airport range is about 150 - 200 feet for me, and works throughout my house.  I've had the basestation since it came out, but am seriously considering an upgrade to a longer range hub soon.

Pbessman, you're right about the expense.  High-end Macs are fairly expensive.  However, most Mac users don't need a high end Mac.  I do mostly video and Photoshop work on my Powerbook, which is much slower than the current iMacs which retail for $999.  I would love to have a new G4 with the DVD-R.  A lot of clients would love to have DVDs instead of VHS!

"A lot of clients would love to have DVDs instead of VHS!"

Then look into encoding your stuff in VCD format for clients.  They will play in a DVD player but only need a regular computer CD-R to create.
It appears to be a problem of incompatibility.  It seems that Linksys does not support much in the way of Macs.  On the other hand the Airport site makes no mention of networking with Windows based products either.  In fact I have looked at the specs from Macs website.
 System Requirements

? An AirPort-compatible Macintosh computer
? At least 32MB of RAM
? Mac OS 8.6 or later

It sounds like your airport has you grounded.  Sorry, but I was trying to offer some comic relief.  I am assuming you wish to share an internet connection.?????   If that is so, perhaps there are other options you may like to hear about.  I can tell you what has worked for me in the past.
nathan8Author Commented:
Problem Solved!

Linksys tech support sent me a Firmware upgrade that has not yet been posted on their site.  I also upgraded the firmware on my basestation, per Magarity's suggestion.  Now everything is working perfectly.


Airport networks are multiplatform.  I have 2 PCs, 3 Macs and one Linux box connecting to the Airport basestation.  The USB interface was the only hardware giving me any problems.  I haven't come across any sitaution where Macs and PCs cannot work in the same environment happily!
nathan8Author Commented:
Thanks for your help!

I know they work when hard wired, I was just seeing the airport as a piece of hardware that may need Apple Talk or something specific to Macs.  I know I can do it with Linux as it is a multiplatform OS.  I was just going by what their website said.  I was just trying to help, I was unaware that you have been using this already to merge the platforms on your network.  
     I am glad you did get it to work.  So it was simply the firmware upgrade?  I figured it should work as there are both Macs and PCs on the internet together :-)and I have networked my girlfriends sons iMac to my network through my Cable DSL router so he could get on the internet while he was staying here this summer. This was all done despite the fact that the requirements for the router are based on a Windows environment.  I do know a little about networking and was wondering if there was some other background operation that may be available through the Mac OS but not readily available to those of us with PCs. So was the airport update 1.3.1 all it took?  Please let me know so I can help other Mac people.
nathan8Author Commented:
Actually, the Airport update really didn't seem to matter.  The firmware update for the WUSB11 is what really tripped it into working.

Any Mac with an Airport card can connect to any other 802.11b network.  Similarly, any PC with an 802.11b network card can connect to an Airport network.  Airport is not a proprietary Mac thing, it is simply another 802.11b access point.  (However, I would never buy another Airport basestation.  The Linksys access points have really good range!)

Macs running OS9.2 or below must connect to shared resources using Appleshare or TCP/IP.  OSX incorporates Samba and NTFS, too, so it has the full complement of network protocols.  This is something that the Linux/UNIX environment has had for quite some time.  All of the operating systems, Windows XP, Linux and MacOSX are moving closer and closer to each other in functionality.  At the same time, the hardware for each platform is getting better and better.

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