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i am writing documentations for my company. we have a win2k domain, using ip. what should get included in the documentation?? i have about 50 workstations and 5 servers
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patch575Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What is this documentation for, internal use or is it an external audit?  Regardless, I would get the IP addresses, applications installed and any revelant serial numbers or licenses(Windows and Office License number, but you won't have to worry if you have volume license).  For applications you can use belarc and download it from the link below.  It will give you the computer name and applications installed.  Disadvantage to this program is that you will need to go to each computer and install it.  If you have pcanywhere, you can install it that way as well.  I know there are other programs available, but not sure which programs will do this as well.
I'm not sure how you have your naming scheme setup, but I would recommend attaching a number or a unique naming shcheme to each computer as oppose to a name.  That way if the user leaves the company, you will not have to change the computer name, but just the documentation.  You should also document information about each user(user name, email, access to certain drives, member of which group).  
You may also consider toning out all the ports and locate it on the patch panel and hubs.  That way if there is some sort of network problem, you won't have to tone it out each time.  Hopefully the ports at your office are already numbered.  
For internal use, you may wannt to take screen shots for the installation of any special products, configurations, or tasks that new users would need to learn.  I wouldn't worry about any basic programs.  
If you are getting audited by a outside company, I would document any special applications and mention what each application is used for.
You should also document all configurations of your router and firewalls and also back up these configurations.  Remember that this is a security issue and you should keep this in a secured location.  You may want to list the passwords as well.

Hopefully this information will help you out.  Feel free to comment on this.
> what should get included?

All the necessary account-names and passwords.
If you're unavailable (act of war, flood, pestilence,
traffic accident), somebody will have to "pick up the pieces".

Location of the servers.

Backup procedures.

Disaster-recovery & continuation-of-business procedures.

sash031299Author Commented:
i would like to keep this open just a little longer.

btw, this is for internal use
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otta made a good point about picking up the pieces
Here's a good system documentor that does not require you to visit each workstation. Download a demo...

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