Adding sound to FireWorks.swf file?

Hi all,

It seems there may not be a way to add sound directly while making Flash files in FireWorks4. That is the impression I am under. I certainly hope I am misinformed.

I would like to add a quick, short sound effect to a flash file that I created with FireWorks4. I need to add the SFX to a specific frame but FireWorks doesn't seem to allow it, and once I have exported a flash.swf file, I can't get to the layer or frame that I want to add the SFX to.

What do you do in this case? Can you export the raw frames to Flash to add the sound and then back again? I assume that may not work as well. Maybe I assume too much.  :o)

As an alternative, is there a way to add the SFX to the flash.swf file, and do it in precisely the right spot I want to?

Here is the page where I want to add the SFX. I want to add a chain-light switch SFX when the red text drops down into place, like a chain-light being turned on. (pulling on the string-chain SFX)

Maybe this is best suited for the Flash group. I'll try here first since I'm working in FireWorks4 for now. If no one throws anything out I'll repost on the Flash board instead.

Thanks for the consideration.  EE rocks!  :o)

Tim Watts
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Fireworks is not the best thing to use to make Flash animations -- Flash is. The best use for Flash animations from Fireworks is importing them into larger, more complex Flash files.

Fireworks isn't designed to handle things like that -- Flash is.
Yep. There is no support for sound in FW. Just images.

Probably best way to fix your problem is to use an interim format.

I'm not sure how you doc is set up, but assuming the animation is over many frames:

Export as Illustrator. Hit options and change it to "frames to Layers."

Then import in Flash. A box will pop up. Click "layers to keyframes."

(In fact, you may want to delete some frames in FW before you export, 'cause I think you will need to re-tween in Flash).

Anyway, it then becomes a Flash issue, which is outside my expertise mostly.



(I'm trying out Swish today--may be an easier way to do simple stuff in Flash format like you are).
timwatts041300Author Commented:
Okay gang,

Well, thanks for the comments. I was hoping for a possible solution that would make it an easy attachment in FireWorks4 but as I eluded in my original post, looks like you just can't get there from here.

As a beginner I'm just getting the feel for the distinction between Flash and FireWorks and DreamWeaver. They all can can many things from the others but I guess it's best to stick with the program that performs that particular function.

I've already redone the logo in Flash and it works fine I guess. I was just hoping to not have to re-do the file in Flash. It wasn't so bad I guess. It's a basic animation anyway.

So I guess the question seems to be moot. What do I do then? How do you pull this down from EE? Do I just hit the Delete Question hyperlink?

Is everyone comfortable with that? Not sure how formally go about this.

Thanks for the comments anyway.  :o)


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It might be useful for somebody, but I can't see any reason for you to use up your points. Ask CS if you can reduce the points to 0 and have it PAQ'd so it's available for somebody else who might have the same question.
Well, don't know about deleting the question. Both Webwoman and myself are correct in telling you that you can't add sound in FW, so that's at least a partial answer--which might save someone in a similar situation some probs.

Also, not to toot my own horn too much, but most people wouldn't think of the interim format (export as .ai) approach, which would save you from redoing much of anything in Flash.

I think that if you don't want to award points, but save this info for the topic, you need to go to community support and ask this be added to PAQ.


Ha. Simul-post.

What she said.
timwatts041300Author Commented:
Hi again,

Awarding 100 points is no big deal. I just don't want to award points and post a no-brainer and take up EE space. I did preface my post with the fact that I was already under the impression that you could not add sound directly with FireWorks. I was simply hoping someone had figured out an alternative method. It seems I was correct in my original assumption.

It does however appear the only other possiblity might be the use of a third party software solution as snazzy suggested. The big question  is, do I need to have Illustrator to pull this off or does Flash recognize that format?

This is the only answer that seems to offer an alternative. I will find out about the Illustrator go-between and then post again.

Thanks again to all. Very much appreciated. :o)

Best regards,


Both Flash and FW read and write Illustrator files (.ai). You don't need Illustrator, you're just using the file format.

A dialog will pop up in Flash that gives you options about key frames, and when you export in FW, hit options to change how it handles frames.

Now you can edit, and add your sound, unlike with a .swf.

There's also some 3d party programs you could use to get into the meat of your swf file, but you shouldn't need to use them with this approach.

Give it a whirl.

timwatts041300Author Commented:
Hi again all,

Okay, I apologize for not going over snazzy's suggestion in closer scrutiny before posting last. It does seem to export in the Illustrator format. No you do not appear to need Illustrator that I could tell. It seemd Flash imported the file although not the cleanest. Flash does not appear to be readily set up to recognize the .ai extension, but I set the files to All(*.*) and then could find it and import it

It was pretty much a mess and would not play. I could see where it might be possible as a desperate long way around possibility, but at first blush, it appeared far more work involved cleaning it up as opposed to just re-doing the file in Flash. It seems the easiest way is simply just re-do the animation in Flash, which I have already re-done.

So back to square one, kinda. I'll check with EE on Monday. As I said before, I don't want to post a useless question that had an assumed outcome already when it was asked. To have someone reply and say, "yeah, you're right" doesn't seem like a good answer to submit to EE. (No offense meant.)

I'll resolve this one on Monday for sure.  :o)

Have a great weekend all!

Best regards,


timwatts041300Author Commented:
Hi again Snazzy,

The only thing I noticed different was I did not get a dialogue window in Flash that opened up to ask me about frames, or anything for that matter. My file just showed up on the screen, bigger than the movie canvas and wouldn't play when I tried it.

I will play around more with it and see what I'm doing wrong. It's an intriguing possibilty but seems to be a real long way around fix for my situation. Re-doing the motion-tween was easier than cleaning that file up after export. But, I will look at it more before Monday and see why I didn't get the dialogue window after importing. I did try it twice already but one more try can't hurt.  :o)

Thanks again Snazzy.  :o)


Not a problem. I'm playing around with it right now.

I'm not getting that window either turns out. Big oops and a mea culpa. That window pops up when you bring in a Freehand file--whole different story (and a bad assumption on my part earlier that ai and fh files would be handled the same).

Sorry to misleading--although I'm happy to have learned something here.

This doesn't change my thinking that you didn't need to redo the entire thing.

I know this is academic, but I suppose knowing what I now know, I'd export the starting position frame, and the ending position frame, and then use Flash to tween.

Or even easier, just **import** the .swf into Flash (as opposed to open). Worked fine in the test I just did.

I'm not a Flash guru--should have tried the whole thing first.

Anyway, apologies and still think you should ask them to PAQ this.


Points refunded and question closed.

CS Moderator

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