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I have a web page that has a <FORM> in it.  The <FORM> contains a <DIV> to faciliate an invisible object that is a popup calendar.  

I can't seem to get my objects that are apart of a <DIV> to be on top or have the highest Z-Index over a <SELECT>.  Is there some limitation using <SELECT> when using Z-Index?

It's gotta be something simple I'm missing.
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ahosangConnect With a Mentor Finance Systems DeveloperCommented:
The select object takes a naturally higher z-index than any other  divs on a page.  Look at these links:
bob_caseyAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot.  This answered my question.  I would have give an excellent if you would have explained some stuff more clearly instead of letting the article.

I had to go study that clip method to figure it out.  But really a help and I appreciate it.

Thanks a million,
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