DNS Communication Between 2 Servers Problem

Hi We are having the following communication problem between our two servers and can't seem to find a solution to it.

We have server1 and server2. Server1 is primary Dns, server2 is secondary

When we use web-tools such as analogx.com both Dns respond to the queries.
 When we are on server1 and "nslookup somedomain.com server2" it does not
work. If we are on server2 and "nslookup somedomain.com" it's ok,
but it does not work for "nslookup somedomain.com server2" though it must work
in the same way.

So it seems there are some network restrictions preventing to use these Dns
properly between 2 servers, which is critical for our software.

We need any suggestions we can get. We are stuck and need DNS expert opinions in this matter. Where should we look. What test should we run, how can we resolve this.

Thank you for your prompt reply


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dkloesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Duplicate question and this one also is for 0 points.
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