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Dinamic array

I want some code regarding to make an array in run time
any number of items I want.
number of items will be defined at the moment I need the array.

thanks in advance
1 Solution
If you are using D5 of D5 you can use SetLength. Below is some sample code so adoped to your needs

      sWhereGen: array of string;
     i: Integer;


     for i := 0 to WhatEver
              SetLength(sWhereGen, i);


The Crazy One
Here is what Delphi help has to say about SetLength

Sets the length of a string or dynamic-array variable.




string handling routines

procedure SetLength(var S; NewLength: Integer);


S is a string or dynamic-array variable.

For a short-string variable, SetLength simply sets the length-indicator character (the character at S[0]) to the given value. In this case, NewLength must be a value between 0 and 255.

For a long-string or dynamic-array variable, SetLength reallocates the string or array referenced by S to the given length. Existing characters in the string or elements in the array are preserved, but the content of newly allocated space is undefined. If there is not enough memory available to reallocate the variable, an EOutOfMemory exception is raised. Following a call to SetLength, S is guaranteed to reference a unique string or array?that is a string or array with a reference count of one.
This shows a way to do it! Showed to me by frodo!
Hope this helps!



  Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs,
  StdCtrls, Grids, Buttons, Menus, ComCtrls;

  Mat_Array = Array of array of Real; (* 2-D Matrix of Reals *)
  Int_Array = Array of Integer; (* 1-D Matrix of Integers     *)


  Form1: TForm1;

  COEFF_MAT   : Mat_Array; (* User Input : Coefficient Matrix of system   *)
  orDER_VECT  : Int_Array; (* Defined to pivot rows where necessary       *)


Procedure tform1.Initialize_Array( Var Coeff_Mat : Mat_Array ; Var order_Vect : Int_Array);
(*** This Procedure initializes all matrices to be used in Program       ***)
  I, J : Integer;
 //Dynamic Arrays support
 j:=stringgrid1.rowcount; //This is where size comes from
 SetLength(order_Vect, j);
 SetLength(Coeff_Mat, j);
 for i:= Low(Coeff_Mat) to High(Coeff_Mat) do
  SetLength(Coeff_Mat[i], j);
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Qualquer problema marquinho... e so perguntar!

Some basics:
 DynArray : array of "Byte,Word,Dword, String..."

Use "SetLength" to set the item count of a dynamic array!!!

SetLength(DynArray, 5); // = array[0..4] of "....."

if you close your app. you should set the dynamic array
item count to 0

SetLength(DynArray, 0);


 DynArray  : array of array of byte;
 z         : Byte;

 SetLength(DynArray, 5);
 For z := 0 to 4 do
  SetLength(DynArray[z], 5);
 // = array[0..4, 0..4] of byte;

 DynArray[0, 1] := 7;

 SetLength(DynArray, 1);

 DynArray[0, 2] := 8;

 SetLength(DynArray, 0);


marquinhoAuthor Commented:
is any way to setup an array?
I mean once you need a new item adding or deleting without deleting the rest of the items.
Thanks a lot CrazyOne
also I have to say thanks VSF and bugroger

Well when you increase the size of the array it will retain what is already in it so you don't lose anything that is already there. I believe when you decrease the size of the array the data in the array will be retained except obviously the portion of the array that is getting chopped off.

For an example let us say the array is a string and we have now dimensioned the array for 3 elements and we have populated the array like this

('a', 'b', 'c')

now we increase it by one so there are 4 elements to the array and we have as of yet populated this new element it would look like this

('a', 'b', 'c', '')

now we populate the 4th element with a d so now it looks like this

('a', 'b', 'c', 'd')

now we want to remove two of the elements so we would be left with two elements it would look like this

('a', 'b')

now if data that you wanted to retain was this instead

('b', 'd')

I think one would need to have a companion secondary array to hold the data desired and after dimensioning the array repopulate the array with the secondary array.
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