How to restore the ability to play or save a wave file to Internet Explorer?

  I had a piece of software that required that I install QuickTime.
After installation I noticed that when I clicked on a wave file in Internet Explorer QuickTime would be activated to play the file.  Previously, I would be given the option to save or play the file.  If I chose play, it would be played via winamp. I uninstalled QuickTime.  Now clicking on a wave file prompts me to install QuickTime.  How can I restore my system to a pre-QuickTime condition?  

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ComTechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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from any of the windows folder do this

1. Click on view and select file option
2. Click the file type tab
3. Look for wav file association on the list.
4. Remove it. Close the windows and reboot.
5. Now right click on any wav file and select open with.
6. Select winap from the program list.
7. Check always open with

Alternatively, press and hold shift, click on any wave file. Then folow the instruction 6 above.

topmanAuthor Commented:


Wave files are already associated with Winamp.
As stated the problem is in Internet Explorer.

                                   Thanks Anyway
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sorry, i didnt notice that.

Have you try to restore the default setting for your IE?

1. From IE brower window go to tools and internet option
2. Click on the advance tab and click on restore default setting button below.
3. See if this work,or else we might need a little registry tweak here.


topmanAuthor Commented:


  It seems doubtful that such an action would change the pointer to a "plugin"  I believe though that it would reset
my preferences and security levels.  I am reluctant to do this unless there is some indication that it possibly might work.

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Asta CuCommented:
Hi, topman.

Have you been helped here or do you need more information to resolve this?

":0) Asta
topmanAuthor Commented:


    The problem resolved itself when Internet Explorer was updated with a new version.
Asta CuCommented:
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Here is the Community Support link for you

Thanks for letting us know that updating to the new version of IE solved your problem.

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