Configuring the DNS

iam a newbie to apache and iam palning to have a linux box with apache installed in it. Currently we are using a shared hosting i need to configure apache with our DNS i suppose that this must be configured in the httpd.conf(is it so) Is this the only place i have to do this or how should i do this. Plz tell the procedure.
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ZookConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use "nslookup" to verify your dns and resolver setup.
Does "nslookup" give you the right output, i.e. does your machine ask the right nameserver and do you get the correct IP as an response?

If this doesnt help, tell us more about your configuration and what did you check ...?

1. Configure your DNS to point all names to the IP of your server. This is done in the masterconfig file, which is given in named.conf (or named.boot) depending on your bind. See "man named" for details.

2. In httpd.conf you need lines like these:

BindAddress *
#or BindAddress


# then you need a VirtualHost container like this
# for every virtual site:

DocumentRoot /usr/local/httpd/site1-directory
ServerName www.domain-of.this-server.whatever
# next is just an option
ServerAlias www.another-name.whatever alocalmachinename
# other config commands for this server if needed.

This should be it.
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webmaster_prodexAuthor Commented:
i hav done this already and still iam not able to use the url but iam able to use the ip with the port

what would be the problem
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