Error Unknown recipient BUG URGENT FIX NEEDED PLS

Hi all,
I've got quiete a shitty problem. I deverlopped a program for a customer to pick up mail from a POP3 server and sends it through to a mailing list via an SMTP server. The SMTP server and POP3 server are both a MS Exhcange Server 5.5. I connect to the POP3 and SPTP server with TNMSPTP and TNMPOP components delivered with Delphi. I can connect without any problem to this server. However, when I send an e-mail and the recipient is not in the adress book of the MS Exchange server, he gives the error : Unknown recipient. When the person filled in in ToAdress is a person from the domain itself (In this case then the mail is delivered good. When I send it to another domain, let's say for example, then I got the above error message. Anyone who had this same problem or has any suggestions. I tried already quiete some things qnd my knowledge of exchange is not that good. Important : If I configure OUTLOOK to send an receive e-mail then I can send e-mail to other adresses without any problem. This is quite a hard and urgent problem so all tips, suggestions, .... are welcome.....
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XeazaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange server won't relay SMTP messages.

You need to set up IIS to relay SMTP messages.

Set up a server with IIS, go into Internet Information Services, select Default SMTP Virtual Server, right-click, properties...

Go to the Access tab, Relay...

Set up relaying there. By default relaying is disabled.

After your IIS is set up to relay SMTP mail, use the IIS server as your "outgoing" SMTP server. If mail is destined for an Exchange user your MX records in DNS will route it to the Exchange server. If it is destined for somewhere else it will continue on through the internet or whatever until it arrives.

Hope that helps!
Does it give an error or return you a non delivery recipient?

If it's a soft error:
It seems that your component is trying to resolve the address on the Exchange GAL.
Do you use the Verify Method of the component if so, try not to use it.
Are you sure your exchange server 5.5 have IMS component installed ??
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