How can I display a child window's menu with main window's together?

Good everyone
     useing vb I can make popup menu and I want to keep
the main window's menu display still, How can I do?
     If I want to combine them show in main menu bar, How
can I do?

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dekeldateConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could make prperties and functions in winB and call these from winA

example in winA
private sub mnu_ForWinB
end sub
Add a MDI form to you project(keep the Main popup menu's in this form). Make the Mdi Child property of all other forms in the project true. Now the all forms will shown under the main menu

Just to clarify.
1. Do you want to create pop-up menus as well as regular menu items?
   Basicly you also build the pop-up menu in the menu builder.
   it is very well explaind in this link

2. Do you want to combine the menu items of say form1, form2 and form3 into one general menu with graying for options not selected?
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taaAuthor Commented:
To: dekeldate
1, Yes I did pop-up menus. and I read it.
2, My quection is :

For example:
There are two windows, one is the winA that is MDI main window, the other is the winB that is MDI child window.
each form has a menu. as the MSDN wrote, when the winB appeared, its menu would instead of the winA's menu. That is not I want. I hope at this time, both menu could display on main window.
because the menu of winA is member of it, so I can easy write the code and wrap them in one module, that would be better to maintain later.

In my case, the winB's menu is created for pop-up menu, ofcause , I do want to show it in winB and winA either.
and then when I disvisiable it , winA's menu must be disappeared when the winB appeared. and I want not write the code in the winA for winB.

So My queation is:
 How can I display the winB's menu within winA'menu and write code in each module without case the variable scope?


taaAuthor Commented:
So My queation is:
How can I display the winB's menu within winA'menu and write code in each module without care the variable

Could you give me any advice for this kind of problem?
How about instead of making a seperate menu for winB add if the menu structure to winA.

Then when you do not want to display it(as when winB is not visible) set visible property of the top-node for the winB menu structure to false.
taaAuthor Commented:
That would be ok for merge menu,
but then I will write code in the winA for winB that will
consider the variables scope, is it ?
Thanks :o)
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