Delleting folders and other apps that 2000 put in that I don't want ot need.

OK I just install 200 and as always M$ has giving me crap that I don't want or need.

So what is the easies way to delete the following without 2000 having a fit??

1) Accessibility and everthing in it
2) Communications and everthing in it
3) Games and everthing in it
4) Imaging
5) Paint
6) Synchronize
7) microsoft frontpage folder
8) NetMeeting folder
9) Outlook Express folder
10) move wordpad.exe to another floder so I can delete the Windows NT folder

Also can I delete the WindowsUpdate floder.

Please note I wish to delete them off my system, I don't want to just delete the shortcuts or hide dirs.

I have try to delete the microsoft frontpage dir which has nothing in it and get a sharring violation error.

PS with you set a dir to be compressed will anything esle you put in the dir be compressed??

PPS Does 2000 have a tweakiu??  Or is there a pogram I can use that does the same if not more??
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GUEENConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look for a file titled 'Sysoc.inf' - just remove the 'hide' words from this file as follows:

; old base components
Then go to control panel  |  add/remove programs | Add/remove windows components  | accessories and utilities

You can remove the following:

1. accessibility wizard
2. communications
3. games
5. accessories = paint

8. to remove netmeeting <MS>:
Click Start, click Run, type the following command, and then press ENTER: "%SystemRoot%\System32\rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection NetMtg.Remove 132 msnetmtg.inf" (without the quotation marks) NOTE: This command is case-sensitive so you must type it exactly as it appears. <just copy/paste line into run>

Why do you feel like you have to delete all these folders?
Do not delete:
microsoft frontpage folder
NetMeeting folder
Outlook Express folder
or move wordpad.exe to another floder so I can delete the Windows NT folder
You need your winnt folder - it is like c:\windows <G>
Where do you want to remove synchronize from?  

If my grandma could read this post - she would hire you in a heartbeat. Per chance are you an accountant?

dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
To: shekerra

Why do I need the folders if I don't need them??

Frontpage is empty!!
Why do I need a empty floder??

Netmeeting still have stuff in it eve rtho I used your trick to uninstall it.
Why do I need the floder if I don't want it??

Outlook I don't use and so don't wish to have.
Smae here I don't use it whay do I need it??

Wiindows NT (the one uder Program Files) had only workpad in it
but I like to more it into a differnet folder..

As for synchronize I don't use it I don't need it..
I find using a FTP to upload my web page better anyway.

Please get your 200 poitns for here..
Calm down!
If you do not want the netmeeting or frontpage folder -
delete it.
Delete it from:
C:\Documents and Settings\<Your Profile>\Application Data\Microsoft\FrontPage

Windows NT folder is also here:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft

You can try deleting them - I would first test by backing up these folders to a temp directory.

I would not even mess with removing Outlook Express - you will simply set yourself up for errors all the way around.  It is a long and tedious process and not worth the effort involved - nor the ramifications of having the W2K OS scream at you afterwards.
You also have to do a lot of work with the C:\Winnt\System32\dllcache - and if patches have been applied - man it is a mess.

Sync - hmmm are you discussing the sychronization manager?
A palm?
For imaging - right-click on menu item and delete (don't worry about it.)

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One more thought -
Which email client do you use? If you use Outlook (2000?) you can forget about getting rid of Outlook Express period.
Outlook 2000 needs OE in order to run. . .
Good Night - I am tired now.
Another thought - don't delete windows NT folder until we figure out how to assign the path to wordpad in the registry.  Just hang in there.  
For changing the wordpad.exe directory you would have to change all of the paths from the Windows NT directory to point to the directory that you have it in.

Go to start  |  run  and type   regedit
then go to file export and save a backup copy of your registry.
Now from my computer in regedit look for    wordpad.exe
Just change the path from the Windows NT folder to the path where you have placed wordpad.exe

You will have many entries to make - so just copy/paste your path all the way through the search.

Damn she's sharp!
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
Sorry but I don't see the floders your no about..

Let me again tell you what floders I wish to remove.

1) C:\Program Files\microsoft frontpage (It is empty)

2) C:\Program Files\NetMeeting (I don't use it, I don't want it)

3) C:\Program Files\Outlook Express (I don't use it, I don't want it)
I use netscape 4.78.  Going to try 6.1 soon

4) C:\Program Files\Windows NT
The only thing in here is wordpad.exe which I will move to
C:\Program Files\Accessories

Again evertime I try to delete them I get a sharring violation error.

As for sychronization manager, I wound use it once I understand how it works.
Personly I like using a FTP app like cuteftp to upload my homepage.

I'm still looking to an app like tweakui that will let me tweak my system (100 points)
Also looking for a good reg cleaner/fixer (200potins)
Boot up in safe mode (F8 after the memory run and before the windows splash screen)
You are probably not going to be able to do what you want to do because it is written mega times in the registry.
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
Hmm will try it..

I already got Tweakiu I'm looking for something like it that can do more.
Does tweak for power users work on 2000??

I'll have a look at easy Cleaner??

Wound Norton Utilities 2001work on 2000??
I like the way it defrags and it's reg cleaner..
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
Well it looks like Norton Utilities 2001is save to run to 2000

I'll give X setup a look, thanks.

Now we just have to find out how to delete them folders!!
Happy Anniversary Baby!
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
To stevenlewis,

Your bit late we did that..

I just want to delete the folders that they where put it.
I was wishing Steve a Happy Anniversary and am still thinking about what you want to do.  I am sure that the directories are 'protected.' It is just figuring out how to get past that point that is the pain.
You still did not answer me on which email you use?
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
Happy brithday steven..

I did.. I say NETSCAPE!!

3) C:\Program Files\Outlook Express (I don't use it, I don't want it)
I use netscape 4.78.  Going to try 6.1 soon
OK - I will post here tomorrow with the info!
She is not only cute but sharp Dew!!! Your a lucky one! :>)
Hehe Dave :)

Dark -
Outlook Express (Remove)
1. Boot up in Safe Mode:
2. Go to 'C:\Program Files\Outlook Express' directory and for EVERY file you delete here you also have to delete the same exact file from here: 'C:\Winnt\System32\dllcache'
and you should also do a file search for possible other directories where the same file could exist.
3. From regedit -
Export to a backup folder first then delete at your own risk:
Hkey_current_user\identities\outlook express
Hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\outlook express

dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
Hmm do you think I can use the same thing do delete the other folders??
I'm still thinking Dark - I don't want you to screw up your OS.  Do you have some type of imaging program so that you can back it up now?
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
No but before I do anything I back it up..
OK try the outlook express one first and let's see how you fare with that ok. You can anticipate some OS burping through some of this. . .
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
I'll give it a good torromow, will let you know what happens
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
OK I did what you say and it 1/2 worked..

I was albe to not only delete the files in the folder but the folder itself..

Only thing was that was I booted back up windows remake the folder.

So now I have yet another empty folder that I can't get rid of :)
So perhaps it is the defualt profile that is doing this. Search under admin login for all outlook express folders.
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
Search for what??

Dark please read the manual uninstall articles from Microsoft -
And also post any errors or other agenda that is not working out well with this removal.
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
I read it, and they is NOTHING about deleling the folder it self..

Thats all I want to do it kill the folder!!!
I understand that Dark - but perhaps to get to that point you will need to remove the application itself along with the registry entries. A lot of this is involved in registry profiles - which is why the directory keeps getting recreated.
Dark you might also want to take a look at these registry keys:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Outlook Express]
"InstallRoot"="C:\\Program Files\\Outlook Express"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Advanced INF Setup\OutlookExpress\RegBackup\]
"3bb7df533d193d05"=",33,HKLM,Software\\Microsoft\\Active Setup\\Installed
As always - export first before deleting any keys :)
After that you will want to search entire registry for the other folders that you wish to remove by using this in the find:
C:\Program Files\NetMeeting
C:\Program Files\microsoft frontpage
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
OK I found the first one..

I'll try what you said and will let you know..thanks
dark_shadow_2000Author Commented:
Sorry i told so long to get back..

This is about a s close to a answer as I'm going to get.

I can live with empty folders :)


A got another question for you to look at..
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